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Inconsiderate Classmate

Guest bnicole193

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Guest bnicole193

My ballet class consists of about 16 students. After barre we all stretch in the floor to prepare for the middle exercises. Before our teacher gives the first combination each dancer finds their own space on the floor as I assume is the norm among most ballet classes. Tonight my friend and I took spaces in the very front of the class behind the teacher. A younger girl of about 13 took a space behind us. During the first combination she slowly made her way between the two of us. Being on the end I was crowded into the barres and was told by my teacher that it was dangerous and I needed to find a space at the back where I wouldn't hit the barre. Whether the teacher saw what happened or not, I think it is very unfair for me to have to move. This has happened several times and not just to me. A few other dancers have this problem with the same girl. The girl was last year's Clara in The Nutcracker and is very capable of controlling her dancing to keep herself in her place.


My problem is no one seems to have the courage to stand up to her about it. Should I try to tell her not to do it anymore? Should I let my teacher know (although she already knows about it but has never done anything)? Or should I let this continue? :flowers:


I feel it is just good manners to give others their space but I do not know how to go about correcting the problem.


Sorry so long.




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Brittany, ya gotta watch them oozers! :D And welcome to the Young Dancers' Forums here at Ballet Talk on Ballet Alert! Online! :flowers:


Most certainly you should say something to your teacher about this situation. In most classes I've attended in my life, students take their places nearly automatically, but the teacher "spots" a few just to make sure. These students act as "anchors" for the rest of the class. In some I've taken, the teacher "spotted" everyone!

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The teacher should be seeing this and doing something about it, but since she isn't, I suggest you place yourself center, and just don't allow this child to move you over to the barres. She will get the message. However, I really think that the teacher should be on top of this and be sure that people are placed where she wants them. There is usually a "pecking order" to a class, which involves seniority and advancement. In a professional class, for instance, generally the principals are in front, then the soloists, and then the corps. A corps dancer would never step into the front row of principals. In student classes the teacher often places the dancers where she wants them in each group. If this is not done, then you are on your own. If you let someone push you out of your spot, then they will. Sometimes it is necessary to not be so polite. :flowers:

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Guest bnicole193

There is a structure somewhat based on age and skill. Our studio is small and the dancers in the class range from age 11 to 18! Usually the dancers who are wearing pointe shoes get the front spaces.


This particular girl is very close to my teacher as is the girl's mother. I guess you could say they "suck up" to get what they want. It seems to be working because the only sympathy my teacher seems to have is a frown in my direction.


Thanks so much for your advice. I suppose I will just have to stand my ground.

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The first problem in this situation is a class which has that kind of age range. There is no way that ANY 11 year old should be doing the same work as mid and upper teens. Your teacher has a big problem here. If you are serious about ballet, I strongly suggest you seek a more professional school.

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Guest bnicole193

The age range is a result of pushy mothers as well. I agree my school is not nearly professional enough. However, there is no other dance school in a 50 mile radius and no student in my school is skilled enough for North Carolina School of the Arts.


Thanks again!

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Guest destiny_dancer

That's happened to me before, and it gets me sort of mad! :shrug: However, your class has a very wide age range, while mine is only ages 10-12. If this girl continues to bother you, I'd say to talk to your teacher about it. They might be able to help. Good luck! :lol:



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