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funky feet...


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im not sure if it has a name, but my ankles seem to turn out from the rest of my leg. :D so when my knees are parallel, my feet are turned out forming almost a perfect 90 degree angle. when my feet are parallel, my legs sort of buckle and cave to make room. and now to the actual question! my teacher is always telling me to place my knees over my feet in plie, but i dont think my knees were made to go over my feet. :flowers: even when i rotate to my fullest, they still end up slightly in front of my toes. it doesn't feel like my knees are straining to be in front of my toes, they just go there.


What should I do? :unsure:

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Guess what? You're jarreté! (That's knock-kneed, but it sounds so much better in French.) To start with, you're going to have to decrease the turnout of where your feet end up on the floor, so you can demi-plié with the knees over the toes. As time goes on, you can build rotation from your hip so that the amount of turnout there matches how the feet set on the floor! As you open up from the hip, you will safely increase the amount of turnout you have.

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