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Keeping My Hips Square

Guest ballet princess

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Guest ballet princess

I have a hard time keeping my hips square, particularly in a extension a la seconde. :P When I do an extension to the side at about 90 degrees, my hips are usually square. However when the leg gets higher, so does the hip. In order to have a high extension to the side with the hip down, what areas of strength/flexibility do I need to work on? And how can I manage to keep my hip down? Are there any excersises that can help me? :shrug:

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Cathy, the leg has to extend from under the hip joint. Try lifting the knee from retiré to a higher position side, keeping the hips aligned, and then extend the lower half of the leg from the knee. This should prevent the hip from lifting. Also, be patient, as it takes a while to develop the strength for this exercise when you are going above 90º. :P

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