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Anyone familiar with their Dallas auditions? I love the sound of their program, but I'm so nervous for my audition.

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I auditioned in Washington, DC, last winter. I was not impressed. We were told to prepare for a class, an interview, and to perform a two-minute solo piece. Mr. Blanton gave a 20-minute barre, during which he barely looked at us. Then it was "Ok girls, let's see those solos." The 'interview' consisted of looking into a video camera and saying "My name is Suzie Jones, I'm from Nowheresville, NH, and my solo piece will be the Lilac Fairy variation from The Sleeping Beauty." 45 minutes after the audition had begun, he hopped into a taxi to catch his flight out of town. And I drove three hours to get back home. And since the audition is for a school and not a professional company, I just don't think the performace element should take priority over classwork that way. I don't know if the Dallas auditions are run any differently, but that's how the tour was conducted.

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