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Guest devion101

I'm not sure if this belongs in Pointe Topics or Young Dancers, but here goes....

I'm currently dancing at a relatively small studio. I am the most advanced dancer there, and also one of two who are on pointe. Thing is, another girl is about to 'join our ranks' in the pointe world, but I don't think she's ready...

She's eleven, has little arch, no placement, no body control at all (can't even do pique turns without crashing), and has not got the strength to be on pointe. I know I sound like a know it all, but that is my honest opinion. On the other hand, my friend, who is fourteen, is much for suited for pointe work than this girl, but has been told that she's not ready....

What's confusing is that my teachers have studied with David Howard, SAB, etc, and are extremely picky about every little detail, so why are they letting this girl go on pointe when she shouldn't be? The only other girl on pointe besides me is also questionable in her ability to withstand pointe work, but she was already on when she transferred to this studio. What's going on here? Are the teachers just being parent pleasers? :D This makes me extremely concerned.... B)



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Hey Dev -


We teachers, you student. Trust you teachers. (ugh, scratch, scratch)


We can't see the situation, or the students involved - you or anyone else. In cases like this we have to side with the teacher. Where we have inside knowledge it might be different, but for now, trust your teachers. After all, didn't they decide when to put you on pointe?

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Guest devion101

Thanks for your answer, Mr. Johnson, but fact is, I went on pointe before I went to this studio... Back in Alaska.... I totally respect your answer though, and try not to question my teachers, but it's hard in this case...



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