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All right, I think I just have to admit it ... My leaps are just not up to standards! I'm not horrible, but I honestly think that they should be much higher - I don't have incredible extension, but I have a fairly decent one, I can do over splits both sides, so why can't I get higher leaps? :( I've got a rather deep plie as well, so I don't think it's that (I can jump pretty high, I've got nice ballon) but every time we have to do anything like that in grande allegro, it always feels like I'm just doing some form of elevated glissade, not really up in the air. Can you think of anything that would help?




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Marenetha, if you have a good jump, and you have extension, then the only things I can think of that would be missing would be the right momentum and impetus of the preparatory steps, and the forward and upward movement through the air. It sounds like you have the ability to go up, but if you can't get a good grand jeté then you are probably not getting the forward movement through space. It could be that you are throwing the first leg up too high, which pushes you backward instead of forward and stops the jump from completing, as well as prevents the back leg from getting up higher than the front leg.

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