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Soleus Muscle Pain

Guest magdakacz

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Guest magdakacz


Over the last month I have been feeling pain mid-calf right beside the bone - I went to a sports medicine doctor today who confirmed that it is a knot in my soleus muscle - he suggested I try some sort of injection that would dull the pain but I refuse to go to such extremes especially since they would not cure the problem just cover it. Can you suggest any stretches, massage or other physical therapy I could administer to myself until I can find a physical therapist that will be covered under my health insurance? I have rehearsals and class everyday and need to get rid of this knot as soon as possible. (Actaully the doctor called it a trigger point, in which the Calcium channels aren't working and the lactic acid build up is not being cleaned out contributing to a cyclical build up of pain and spasm.) Thank you for your help.


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Magda, I think you should get to a PT as soon as possible. In the meantime, stretch very slowly and carefully before class, especially the calf stretch where you face the barre and place one leg directly behind the other but as far back as it will go and still get the heel on the floor. Keep the hips forward and the front leg bent. Also, you can stretch it with a theraband by sitting on the floor and using the band the way you do for stretching feet, only concentrate on the flex part of the stretch.


After classes and rehearsals take a hot bath, massage it, and use some heat on it. Some massage before classes would not hurt either.

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Magda, I concur in the notion that PT is absolutely essential. If your physician is talking about "trigger points", there's something seriously wrong, and it needs professional intervention ASAP. Massage before class, at the break between barre and center, and after is a very good idea.

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Guest dancer04

I just thought I'd share something you about stretching the calves. We had a physical therapist come to our ballet class to show us some little toys to aid in our stretching and the best one was for calves. It is $3.00 at Wal-Mart or any "everything" store. It's called a wheel-chock. It is what is used behind a tire of a care so it won't roll. There is a curved side and a flat side. The thing itself is traingular shaped. You put the flat side up and put the big part against a wall or something. You put your heel on the floor and your toes at the top and it stretched your calves unbelievably well. It has loosened mine up and I no longer get cramps in them. Just thought I'd let you in on my mew toy.


I found a picture of it:


wheel chock


Flip it upside down to use it though.

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Guest magdakacz

THANK YOU :angry:

I'll look into it at a store - for now I've been massaging it and waiting for my company's physical therapist to come in - I think she's been sick for I haven't seen her for weeks...

Thanks again

Magda :yes:

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