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Any Difference?


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I have been dancing(seriously) for about 3-4 yrs. I took my Inter-Foundation exam this year and got a distinction. I was really happy because it showed that my hard work payed off and I am sort of on par with the other gals in my studio.


What I would like to know is : Do u think there is a difference between the dancing from someone who started as an adult and someone who started as a child?

As an examiner, do u think she knows from my dancing or techinique that i started late and thus marked accordingly? Is she marking me based on my own capabilities or is she marking us based on the same standard or criteria?

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Hi there, and congratulations on your distinction!


I don't think your examiner would have known there was a difference and marked accordingly. The major exams don't leave much room for that kind of allowance. There was a girl at the theatre school I used to go to who kept trying to pass the RAD Elementary (as it was then) because she needed it to be a teacher. She had been dancing since she was 3 and did ballet every day. But she failed it over and over again. I studied the syllabus but my teacher thought I'd have to do it for several years before I'd have a chance (I'd been doncing 3-4 years by that time.)


You might just have a lot of natural ability and have worked very hard, and deserved to pass! :thumbsup: Be proud of youself!

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Majors are major tough! There is a little leeway for an examiner to take age into consideration, but in my experience, it generally works to the detriment of the examinee! You are functioning very well (distinction) at an Intermediate Foundation level, and no foolin'! This is a genuine accomplishment! :)

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Congratulations and well done. I have to agree with everyone that the examiner probably did not know the difference. I took my inter this summer and i was the oldest one in there, three of them were 18 and i was and still am 29, where am i going with this. Oh yeah i think the examiner would just have your name and student nos as i worried that i would be marked differently because of my age but y teacher said that the examiner would not have that information infront of them. OOh still not sure where i am going with this, but do you catch my drift......... :lol:


Well done again :hyper::clapping::rolleyes:


Skippy B)

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Thank you Skippy for your encouragement!

I was thinking along the same line as you too, i was wondering if the examiner has a full data (including my age in front of her), cos when we registered for exam, there was always this column for date of birth!!!

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