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Back to Class After a Break

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Yikes! I haven't been to class in almost 3 weeks! I'm taking my final qualifying exam for my PhD day after tomorrow, and because I'm also teaching two classes this semester (and one of them an all day affair) I just couldn't justify the time investment to get to class and back.


I've been trying to stretch and do some plies, tendus everyday, but I kept hearing this voice saying, "Read the Segal article," or "Shouldn't you be studying the manuscript tradition?"


I'm planning to go to class Monday night and Tuesday morning before the exam to shake the fidgets out, and find I'm more nervous about getting back to class after almost a month of sitting on my rear and stooping over books. :thumbsup:


I guess this isn't really going anywhere, just wanted to share all the anxiety.

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As one of my dearest teachers always told me when I had to be careful because of occasional physical limitations, "Small and elegant."


Just be gentle with yourself in class. The tendency is to do the opposite after several weeks off, and you'll probably feel great in class. But the next morning, ooooh, boy! This is the time to be especially careful about not comparing yourself to anyone else. Example, if you releve in passe and start to cramp, slowly come down and simply hold the position in flat. Gentle, gentle, gentle. :thumbsup:

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