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very sorry!


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i'm so sorry that i asked a question about healthy snacks. i looked through the rules and i didn't remember seeing something that said we couldn't. i hope that you guys won't hold it against me. i'm really, really, really, really SORRY! :thumbsup:




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It's very understandable. People in ballet are unusually interested in diet and nutrition, but our only answer to specific questions is, "Consult a professional nutritionist/dietitian"; for general questions, we just say, "Use common sense". It may seem strict, but believe me, diet/nutrition threads are a Child's Garden of Weeds when it comes to good information. Everybody will jump in with a lot of advice, some of it very good, some of it utterly horrible, and most of it -- eenh! (Somewhere in the middle) That's why we don't talk about diet --- or submarines. This restraint may set Ballet Talk off from other advice boards, but we think it's in the best interests of the student.

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