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London meet......


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I have just been given my work roster for December and i was wondering if there was any chance of any of us meeting up for a crimbo drink. I know everyone will be gettting really busy now and getting ready for going home but if (on the off chance) anyone is around between the 8th - 13th Dec do you fancy going out and celebrating christmas, winning the rugby world cup :P:D:lol::lol::lol::party: and finally meeting each other?


Just a mad idea on a whim.


Skippy x

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I'm around from the 8th to 23rd, and so up for it. We've all been online at the same time on and off for about 3 years or more! It is about time we met up together in real life! :)


Rugby world what? I'm Scottish, remember!

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Somewhat remarkably I think I'll be in London around that time anyway, so I'd definitely be up for finally meeting everyone!

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OK, you guys come up with a date, and I'll see if I can make it :sweating: ! I fly to NY on 17th, but there's no guarantee I'll be able to come up before, although I'll try very hard.



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Hello, How about Tues 9th Dec or Fri 12th Dec. Which date out of these two is good for everyone. Xena would you be able to make it, do you want me to check out some flights for you.


It will be great if we can pull this off. Hope to see you all soon,


Skippy x :thumbsup:

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Tue 9th would be better for me - although Fri. 12th is free, work has a habit of popping up on Fridays...

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How about we make it Tues 9th Dec. What time would you all like to meet and where is a good place to meet. I know Covent Garden and Leicester Square. Would you prefer to meet late afternoon, early evening........ :rolleyes:

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There is an All Bar One on Cambridge Circus (just up the road from Leicester Square) which is quite an easy place for people to meet... But we could go for cocktails in Covent Garden later! I can find out which places have happy hour if you like!!! :D

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Guest beckster

All Bar One would be easy for people to find ... it's near Porselli's dance shop, and right next to Les Miserables. I already know Kate and Skippy in real life, so perhaps we should just name a time and I'll bring an easily-identified dance accessory (pointe shoe on a stick, perhaps!) so others can find us.

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Six? Seven?


Pointe shoe on a stick is a good idea, or...


I'll be the one wearing a tutu! :D

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Guest beckster

I'll be the one wearing an anorak and carrying an axe ...



... sorry, really need to get over my internet prejudices! I vote for 6pm so we're more likely to get seats.

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