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Broken Wrist!

Guest ckdancegirl7

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Guest ckdancegirl7

I had a rehearsal on Saturday for an upcoming ballet performance in a large studio with a very slippery floor. Unfortunately, I slipped during a difficult pointe section in the middle of my dance and landed on my wrist! With throbbing pain and a tingling, numb feeling, I immediately went to the emergency room, and was told by the doctors that I have a "buckle" fracture (a bone in my wrist actually bent instead of cracking, since I'm still growing and my bones aren't completely hard yet; I'm 15). I have a splint right now, and will have an actual cast put on tomorrow by an orthapedic. I'm sure it will be very awkward dancing with a heavy cast on my fore-arm...does anyone have any advice for me or tips on what I can do to keep the muscles in my bad arm strong while my wrist heals? (this will probably take a month). Will having a cast affect my balance during class? Do you think I will be able to do port de bras correctly, or should I just keep my arm in preperatory or on my shoulder? I would appreciate comments from anyone having to do with dancing with an badly injured wrist (luckily the doctors did not prohibit me from continuing dance while it heals). Thank you!

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If you're going to have a hard cast on it, it will affect all sorts of things WHILE IT'S STILL ON. Afterwards, you shouldn't have a bit of trouble readjusting to life without the cast. Work with it as best you can. I've had students do astonishing things while in arm casts. And don't worry about losing strength in the arm. It should pop right back. But I wonder about that performance???

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Guest Firebird3000

I've had a buckle fracture before when I was in grade 4. I could do port de bras and everything with the arm with the cast on but not as gracefully. My dancing was not affected but it did get itchy inside the cast from sweating. At least you don't have your cast on in the summer as thats the worse time. No swimming or bike riding


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