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To dye for?


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I ordered grey tights from Wear Moi, in the UK. But when I got them, "grey" turned out to be slate - more blue than grey. The fabric is 90% polyester/10% lycra, and shiny. I prefer to dress less conspicuously in class. It's impractical to return the tights, so I want to dye them a darker shade of gray.


Do you have any suggestions as to a good brand of dye, and the procedures I should follow?

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I think we use Rit dye for just about everything. It is widely available from drugstores, supermarkets, etc.

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Any commercial household dye will work. Those able to be used in washing machines are probably easiest. Follow package instructions. You can use black dye to produce grey by making a solution of lower saturation either by decreasing the amount of dye, or by increasing the amount of water. Rinse the tights in clear water immediately after dyeing. Dry.

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Thanks! Yesterday I bought a box of Rit dye and got to work the moment I arrived home. It was a cinch. The results are drying in my livingroom even as I type.


Happy Thanksgiving, one and all!

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