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I dance with the evil one

Guest petiteanise

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Guest petiteanise

If you listen to heavy metal, there is a song by Pantera called "walk" and this amply describes, lets call her MJ (though I can think of several other things I'd like to call her!) "run your mouth when I'm not around its easy to achieve, you try to win friends that sympathize, can't you hear the violins playing your song?"...she does exactly this. :angry:

She tells all the parents and fellow students that I have no talent, have bad form, and that I am too fat to be dancing. She went up to the parents of a 7 year old student and said "your daughter doesn't have what it takes to be a dancer, believe me I know" what makes her qualified to judge a childs ability? She thinks because she is on her H.S pep squad or dance team (I don't know and I don't care which one it really is) that she is the best dancer at the studio. She constantly argues with the instructors that she should be on pointe and that I shouldn't be. She also tells them that I should be banned from the studio because I'm a "freak" (okay, I'll admit I wear black nail polish and lipstick, I love corsets and full skirts w/ petticoats,and I have several piercings and a tattoo; none of them are visible though. I'm eccentric, not a "freak"). :yes:

I usually ignore her because I feel she is just jealous but its getting worse! Parents have filed complaints about her, students have, and the teachers agree with them but they still don't do anything about it :angry: they don't even take her aside and talk to her. I'm getting to the end of my rope. :firedevil: I'm tempted to give her a good "battement" in the posterior :firedevil:

What should I do people?

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Continue to ignore her complaining, and greet her politely and cheerfully when you see her. She's "acting out" some problem she's having. Don't become anxious or defensive when around her; just because she's hostile doesn't mean anybody else should be. After all, "a failure of planning on your part (said to her) does not constitute an emergency on my part", and "what business of hers is it anyway?" :yes:

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Guest Until The End Of Time

Pettiteanise, here's what I think. I've been through most of this stuff already. One thing is she is jealous of you, because maybe you are better ( which is a reason a lot of kids talk inconsideratly). Try ignoring her, if that does not work. Try talking to her and being on equal terms so you both understand each other. Don't approach with an attitude, approach with some heart but not a lot. Compliment her on something that way she could have a change of attitude and talk to you and a possible chance you could become friends and maybe you can help chance her. To me an enemy is the best friend and you may ask why, at least you know what your enemy wants to do to you.


I grew up learning a lot of street codes while living in the inner city and hanging out in the city. I learned that my enemy is my best friend, and my best friend is my worst enemy. A best friend will not tell you what he/she wants to do to you, but your enemy will make it clear. But I also learned that you can turn that enemy into a friend, by showing them you have nothing against them and why should they have something against you. It sounds a bit crazy, but as I always say, LIFE GOES ON...... why hold back on the little things when there is so much more you and this world has to offer.


I hope things go well. :yes::angry:

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