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Purposely popping hips?


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Hi everyone. I've already posted under some of the other hip topics, but none of them really talked about purposely popping your hips. Do any of the rest of you do this? I find that my hips pop and click a lot lately while I'm dancing, and sometimes before class if I purposely swing my leg quickly and pop the hip, it feels better in class. I've seen so many people do it, and I'm not sure the purpose, or if it's good or not. SOmetimes it can make it worse, so does anyone know if it is good or bad for you? Thanks in advance!

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Lots of dancers do this, and it does not seem to be harmful. If it helps, do it. If it doesn't, don't. I never did it, but did sometimes do the spine. Dancers are always getting "cracked" :wink:

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Guest Tarantella

I remember asking my physical therepist this question, and she said that as long as the crack sort of happens "naturally" as you swing your hip and you aren't forcing it to pop when it obviously isn't going to...then it is ok, but if you force anything, it is not so great to do. Honestly, I always crack things from toes to my neck! Not really often though, but it feels so good after!! :(:sweating:

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My hips would always do this and I use to worry before my cousin whos in grad school training to be a physical therapist told me its normal. All my friends in class told me it was disgusting but it always relieved pressure in my hip joints.. oh well.

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