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Ballet classes in London?

Guest hadas

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Danceworks and Pineapple are probably the best places for holiday-time drop in classes (a lot of places will be closed over the holiday period.)


Danceworks in particular has a very good variety of classes to choose from if you're just dropping in for a class or two.





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Guest Simon G



There are a number of places:


Pineapple Dance Studios - Covent Garden - This is an open centre like Steps in NY and there are a number of classes. You have to join on a temporary membership and then the classes are on top of that. There are open level to professional and they range in style and technique in ballet. Be warned some of the classes especially the ones by ex-royal ballet dancers are way oversubscribed. As with all open classes you will get little to no correction in the professional level.

Joan Hewson and Roland Price and Ian Knowles are all very good.




Dance Works - off Oxford St is smaller more intimate and also friendlier, the classes can be excellent, as to be expected the majority of teachers are ex-Royal. Don't be put off by the fact both venues run aerobics and martial arts, they do it to rake in the cash, the classes however are totally professional.






The Urdang Academy - this is round the corner from Pineapple. The place seems like a real spit and sawdust establishment. It's a dance school by day and many teachers rent studios to teach open classes. This is a real professional's open class place. There is no joining fee. Be warned the open classes are excellent, but they are hardcore ballet. They are not fun classes, but if you are a serious ballet student with an intermediate to advanced technique it's the place to go. I've given the website for the school the open classes are separate. Be warned if the teacher doesn't know you and doesn't rate you they will ignore you totally. But they're excellent classes.






The Place - London Contemporary Dance School. This is the only establishment licensed to teach Graham technique outside of the Graham Centre and is the main centre for the teaching of contemporary dance in europe. They run open classes in the evening. As well as a ballet class that is more relaxed and informal run as it is to be an accompaniment to a contemporary training. They have an evening school.





There are also several other places such as Greenwich Dance agency, but they're a real shag to get to and if you don't know London and are only here for a short time aren't really worth the effort.

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Welcome, Simon, and thank you for that great list!


Hadas, sorry to post this, but your emails are bouncing back (you have "send email notifications of new topic" checked, apparently). We need to have a current email address for you -- please email me -- amt@balletalert.com. Thanks! And have a great time in London!!

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Hadas, when are you coming over to the UK? If you are over here on the 9th Dec we are trying to organize a get together so we can finally meet each other, you should come - well thats if you are here...


Skippy :rolleyes:

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