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Hi, I was wondering if this was true: when you look at a dancer's worn toe shoe, the major part of the wear and tear regarding the platform should be in the region where the big toe is and the more lateral part of the platform should remain quite intact. Someone told me that the major part of my weight should be transferred to my big toes when on pointe ( which would mean a slight flexing at the ankle caused by my forcing to press my big toes on the floor and not rest flate on my box). Is there any truth in this?


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I think it depends on the shape of the dancer's foot on where the majority of the weight will be distributed. For example, if someone has very square toes (so all the toes are very similiar in length) then the weight will be more evenly distributed through out all the toes, therefore the tip of the pointe would not wear out more quickly by the big toe. If someone has a very long big toe with all the other toes being much shorter, the weight is mainly on the big toe, and will wear that part of the tip out first. "Winging" of the foot or as you put it "flexing" the ankle I don't believe is proper technique and can lead to foot problems including a horrible bunion problem and tendonitis from improper alignment. I have had some teachers correct other students by saying to distribute the weight more towards the big toe rather than the little toe, but this is said when they are sickling the foot and are dangerously dancing towards the outside of their foot. So when the dancer does think more of the big toe, they actually end up being straight up on the tip of the pointe. I use to wear out the big toe side of my shoes first when I had incorrect pelvis alignment (my weight was always back, and I have a lot of hyperextension too) Now that I have learned to dance with my weight forward, it has made pointe work so much more easier, and I am dancing on the whole platform not just the big toe. Hope this helps...

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Pointehill, you've said things that I would have said, and made my point(e)s for me. Well done. :)

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