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Where can I find this?

Guest ckdancegirl7

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Guest ckdancegirl7

I have been searching for a cd of the Swan Lake supplementary music that is used for the Balanchine Tchaikovsky pa de deux. Does anyone know where I can purchase a copy of this music? I'm planning on doing the pointe variation from the pa de deux for an audition tape along with another variation, but I can't find a copy of the supplementary music...even on the internet. Actually I found one, but it can only be ordered in the U.K., and it would complicated to have to change American dollors to Euros. I actually do have the music on tape, but I will be needing it on cd. Any suggestions? Where can I get this music? Thank you...


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Well, I know it's on the Decca set of 3 Tchaikovsky ballets, with the National Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Richard Bonynge.

The Decca number is 460 411-2, the IPC is 0-2894604112-3.


It is selection #10 on CD #2.


I am certain that others will have additional sources, but this is the recording I prefer for actual performance tempi.


Best of luck--

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You can click on the Amazon.com link at the top right-hand of your screen.....


search classical music, keywords Tchaikovsky and Bonynge. On the second page of listings, you'll see "Tchaikovsky: the 3 Ballets."




It is a 6 CD set and worth every penny.


Aside from getting a great set of music, you will help support BalletAlert through using the Amazon link here.....

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That's an AMAZING price on a 6 CD set...I would definitely get it if I didn't already have all three ballets separately. It is the full ballet of each one, right?

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Yes, it's the complete ballet.

And, you know, nowhere is it written that you can't have more than one recording of a work.... :rolleyes:


There is another wonderful Bonynge/Decca set with Sylvia and Coppelia.....

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