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How do you fouette w/o a mirror???

Guest twinklehooves

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Guest twinklehooves

Ok, so I am Rose in the Nutcracker.

I have to complete 24 fouettes.

@ the studio, I had trouble the first 2 rehearsals. After, that, I am proud to say I made them all, solid and I didn't travel around.


NOW, @ the theatre, I CANNOT do them.

Tonight was opening nite, and I totally screwed them up.

I try spotting the...blue spotting light, but it just messes me up.

I NEED the mirror.

I'm kicking myself right now for screwing them up.

It just makes me SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO mad!!!! :angry:


I practice them everywhere.

In the small studio in the theatre, before/after class, after class w/ the light house lights off-- nothing is working.


Please help me before I have a mental breakdown.


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If "misery loves company" helps, you've come to the right place. Students all over discover that they are "mirror-dependent", usually, as in your case, too late. And there's no quick fix for it. :( What you have to practice is doing fouettés facing anywhere BUT the mirror. Some studios have drapes that they lower over the mirrors so that students don't become "mirror-fixated". Others rehearse with the mirror as "upstage", so that students don't become dependent on it. This is too late, but at least I can assure you that you are not alone.

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Jocelyn, in addition to what Mr. Johnson said, try practicing them in a relatively dark studio. Looking into the darkness tends to throw you back, so you have to learn to be VERY forward and not allow your weight to go back when you face that dark space! Spotting is really more a matter of the head than the eyes, once you get used to it. However, one should really not EVER practice spotting themselves in the mirror anyway. Always look at something else in the room, or even THROUGH the mirror at something in the back of the room. Don't look at yourself!

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Jocelyn, that's a...you should pardon the expression...step in the right direction! :wink:

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Even with contacts, I am very close to being legally blind-- yet I turn well (and enjoy fouettes) because I concentrate on turning my shoulders rather than fixing on a particular spot. This might sound a little unorthodox-- and since you can see you should obviously still focus your eyes, but it might help to think of "spotting your shoulders" as opposed to spotting your head. Hope the rest of your shows go well!

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