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Major Shoulder Slant


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My shoulders are very much not aligned. I think this is cause my my wearing my school bag and dance bag on my right shoulder, which is the one heading south. I don't have scoliosis. I'm seventeen I think someone whould've told me by now. I have very good posture and I can correct it when I think about it. Which is not often. I'm not a very seriously ballet student, but I am a serious dancer. So I have two questions:


1) How can this affect my dancing?

2) How can I fix it?


I know there are other topics about subjects like this on the boards, but none releating to shoulder misalignment. So I'd really, really, really appreaciate any advice you can give me! :blushing:



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Hello Annietart, welcome to the Young Dancers' forum here on Ballet Talk :blushing:


Actually, you have answered your own question! You recognize it's probable cause, and you say you can fix it when you think about it. Therefore, the answer is obvious.....switch shoulders often or change your means of carrying things altogether (but don't get a back pack!), and then think about it much more of the time. When you concentrate and focus on something you can create a new habit, which is the only way to break an old one.


As to how it will affect your dancing, I think that is quite obvious too, as, if you look slanted you do not look straight, therefore your alignment is off. This will affect all forms of dancing, not just ballet. Therefore, it is necessary to fix it, and I think you already know how! :thumbsup:

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