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Why did many of you get into Ballet?

Guest Until The End Of Time

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Guest Until The End Of Time

I posted this in the young dancer's forum, but not to many responses.


So I figured I would ask in here, I got mostly female replies and I want to hear some male replies. I guess everyone's experience in why they got interested and decided to join ballet is a lot different from girls perspective due to the fact we can get flamed on.


Anyways, go ahead and tell your story (heck even make one up). I am bored as you can see, maybe this will get everyone talking????? :blushing:


I'll be back and I'll post mine.

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The responses were overwhelmingly female because the membership which responds to things is overwhelmingly female. We may have quite a few male lurkers who don't post, for all I can tell. Normally we don't allow crossposts, but in this case, I think I'll make an exception.

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Guest Until The End Of Time

OMG I am so sorry I didn't even know that cross posts weren't allowed and I had no idea that what I did is a crosspost. Thanks for looking out for me Mel.

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What did me to start dancing - I have thought many times on this topic. Well, it was quite interesting. When I was a little child, my parents, who like classical music very much, used to create in me a passion for it. By the age of 10, I already used to know by heart the mysic of The Nutcracker and Swan lake. But, strange it may seem, I went for the fist time at a ballet eprformance at the age of 13.


In the secondary school we used to have additional classes in "choreography", which meant bulgarian folklore dances + some sportive dances (standard & latin).

Then I moved to another school in the capital of our country (Sofia). I found a club for sportive dances and I liked it very much. I had some 'culture of movement', but knew I need a more free form of expressing with motion.


But some time later happened an event which "changed my life". Until that time I used to visit the opera house very often, equally for ballets and operas. One time (I was then 16) I went to a new production of "La Sylphide" with the best (in my opinion) ballerina of Bulgaria. It made a great impression on me. Since then I got mad for ballet. Everyday I was surfing in the Internet searching for ballet photographs and info, I watched all the productions, I was writing essais on some ballets (especially 'Sylph', it's very close to my heart), I used to read books in the library on ballet history and technique.


And, as every boy at that age, I fell in something like love with that ballerina I mentioned (you coud hardly know her (Maria Ilieva), so I found the private school where she teaches and enrolled there. But in fact the main thing was "my love with Terpsichore".


It was strange, that they they didn't put me in the beginners' group, because during the previous half year I had started to do excersises on my own at home, with nobody teaching me - but obviously I have felt it. I used to de every day 50 plies, 40 battements tendus, jetes (degage), as many grands battements as I could do, 40 releves and some "leaps".


But I'm very happy that I started doing classical dance, although I wouldn't become a professional. I found the proper for me way of turning the emotions out into a motional form.


My techer now re also satisfied by my development, because although I have studied only half an year I alredy take pas de deux classes with a friend of mine and I do some things like cabrioles, Jete entrelaces and tours en l'air.


Ballet makes me joyfull!

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Hey Boris, tTHANK you for telling that story....


How lucky you are to be able to see great ddancing at your age - -I grew up in a smwll town (in hte USA, in Mississippi, 3000 people live there), so we did not have an opera house..... There WERE good teachers for piano, but ballet we didn't see at all -- though people DID love to dance, to blues music, and we had good blues music.....


But I didhn't see La Sylphide till MANY years later-- I can see how it could have made 'mad for ballet.' -- I LOVE it.


By the way, your English is VERY good.... I'm impressed. My Bulgarian would not get me a cup of coffee.


keep up those cabrioles.....

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At the end of November, beginning December 2002 I got bit tired of pop music and with a bit of influence of an x friend started to listen to classical music. Early 2003 I bought bought the full soundtracks of Tchaikovsky's 3 ballets. I;ve always liked the music that I've heard from Swanlake and the Nutcracker but when in schoold never really listend to it. In that days if you want to be in classical music was out. Bu anyway's. In april I decided to Get Swanlake on dvd bacuse sound quality is better on DVD then CD. So I browsed the online catalogue of a local music store and they had Swan Lake and Giselle on DVD. I've that Giselle was very good but never heard the music or seen it. So at the end not nowing which one to buy, I bought both of them and enjoyed both. After that I started to collect all the classics on DVD and in August a friend and I went to see Sleeping beauty life. From there on I was adicted and went to see every performance I could. December I saw an artical on the Net about the South African Ballet Theatre advertising adult classes. For beginners to pro's. I decided to give it a shot but the only problem was that they where to far from me so in January this year I started looking for class in my area and found 2. So at the age of 26 I took my first class in Febuary this year.


Guess thats about it.


Fred :grinning::grinning:

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This is a great topic. I'm very interested as well so I hope more people reply with their stories.


As for me, I started about three years ago with a pas de duex class I took with my girlfriend at the time. I knew nothing about ballet but I guess they needed guys. The teacher suggested I take beginning I to learn the terminology and work on technique/flexability. I actually hated it at first because I couldn't do anything right and I hated seeing myself in tights. But I continued partnering my girlfriend and helped out as a stage hand and videographer for their performances.


Then I left Oregon for graduate school in Davis, CA. That first Summer there I wandered around and stumbled across a little studio, the Pamela Trokanski Dance Workshop. After observing a couple classes I dug out my slippers and leggings and enrolled in beginning I.


My teacher was very energetic and supportive and made me feel comfortable right away. I took beginning I for over a year, three classes a week. Then one day I had to do a make up and the only class that fit my schedule was the beginning II. After class my teacher said I should stay in the II class thereafter. That was a huge confidence builder. In the next year moved through beg. II and III. One Summer I was asked to fill in for an injured male dancer at a local dance company doing Cinderella. The rehersal and performance was all very exciting. After that I was really hooked. I started reading about dancers, went to as many performances as I coud afford, and watched every ballet video or DVD I could get my hands on. It's turned into such an obsession.


I got worked up just writing this. I can't wait to read more stories. Thanks.



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What got me started was a crush on a girl at age 10. What got me interested was a fantastically wild teacher who threw everything at me right away (not recommended). What got me hooked was that ballet is the hardest thing to accomplish, in fact one never does as perfection is an ideal, not an achievement!

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I was 5 years old, the Ballet Boom was in full force, and my parents just stared ballet classes. Of course I wanted to do it too!

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Guest jordanmoser

i did tap. the owner of the studio bribed me with free tap lessons if i took some ballet classes. i fell in love after a couple weeks and have been dancing for 4 years now!

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Mine is a strange story. I still can't explain exactly what hapened to me, and why it did.


For me, dance had always been like China: I knew it existed, period! I was not afraid of it and therefore, did not try to move away from it; I was not atracted by it neither and therefore, did not try to move closer to it. My hobies were performance sport and opera singing and it was quite all right this way.


Dance came into my life in the spring of 1999. In a opera I sung, our stage director (who was a pretty good ballet dancer himself from what I could see later on in the form of a perfectly landed double tour en l'air he did during a pause) introduced a 10 minutes sort of pas de deux into the part I was playing (a russian prince) with my partner (a russian princess). He made it very simple because I had no ease at it (she did); he insisted, and insisted and I finally got to do it rather good in rehearsals and then in the eight performances that followed. I enjoyed it.


The production ended in april and so did the opera activity for the summer break (relâche d'été). I set my mind to relax, toke a break, and started to learn my fall production (Verdi's Il Trovatore). It was then that I realized that something had moved inside of me. That some sort of button had been pressed on. That a Ali Baba cavern of some kind had seen it's door roll on the side, leaving a huge and unsuspected opening within my depths. I was 48 at the time.


The following weeks revealed to be very difficult, caught between a irresistible desire to move my body on music, and a equally powerfull negation of this that came from my mind which categorically opposed itself. The music I had in mind was undenyably classical and so was the movement that I felt should go on it... To my greatest despair, China was moving towards me. And it did nothing good to try to run away from it.


Litterally exhausted by this non stopping "battle" which was going on inside of me, after surfing and reading all adult beginners Web sites I could find (thanks to Rosetta's Blue Diamond's), my powerfull_cerebral_ in_full_control mind conceeded my body ONE chance to give ballet a try in the form of ONE clandestine private class.


I immediatly felt at home the moment I entered the studio; and clearly knew at that time that my mind would be the definite looser.


This was four years ago. I no more sing at the opera. And in two weeks from now, I will be dancing Drosselmeyer in the second part of our school's XMas recital which will all be Nutcracker's abstracts. This will be a terrific experience, working with the kids and Clara and the dolls and having my own little solo.


But what makes me really excited and terribly nervous are the two abstracts from Gisele's first act that I will be performing in the first part of the show. I don't know how they are generally refered to : they are the ones of the young peasant who gets maried.


Of course, I will not do double battues on my cabrioles, and my tour en l'air (there are four of them in the first abstract) will be singles because I can't still land my doubles properly. But I will be dancing completly solo, in full classical attire, for the first time in my life. And this is something I would'nt even have dreamed of until still very lately.


In two weeks from now, I will be standing right there, in the middle of China.



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Guest Until The End Of Time

It's good to hear from everyone's stories.


My interest started when I was watching the video for "Center Stage", at my friends sister's birthday and I saw Sashar do all those moves it just made my jaw drop like a kid in the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory. It amazed me. But I still stuck to Tap and I've been doing it since I was 3 and I took tap for a good and bad 16 years. I finally got the courage to do Ballet after seeing "Billy Elliot" :D . To me that movie will always be my inspiration. I took ballet at this one place but I hated the instructer because she didn't have a clue what she was doing, and plus she is senior student who was recommened to teach me ballet. But I left and found a friend who was willing to teach me 2 times a week. She taught me good enough that I am doing well in my offical classes this year. I am hooked on ballet . Ballet is my nicotine. If I don't have it I will have a fit. :blushing:


If my dance teacher gets the shows done on DVD I will somehow post it for those who are interested can view . But it won't be until late spring. It gives me plenty of time to train up for my two shows. I am all excited about it. I am only 21 right now, and my only regret in life is not taking ballet sooner, but I am working to my full potential to succeed as much as I can. After my first semester this year in College I am going to take up the dance class they offer there in my second semester. I am not sure if they teach you to dance or teach you the education of dance. Regardless I hope I meet some people in real life who have the same love I do for Ballet.

Ballet is the main reason why I won't let myself get a tattoo, I dont' want to have a permanent mark on my body and then do ballet and looking like a hopeless thug doing ballet. I wanna look like a serious dancer.

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Just a reminder, guys, we try to avoid cybershorthand, and it's becoming more important all the time, as we are gaining new members for whom English is a second, or third, language.

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Guest Until The End Of Time

Hey Dick, So far I have no knowledge on what the show will be we are still training and working on an idea, I already know what I am going to wear for one class. I am going to be wearing a "gold/yellowish" "shirt/jacket" type thing and black tights, If I get the idea that white tights will look so much better I will see if I can get them in white tights I might have a hard time finding white split sole Bloch's in a size 6 1/2 B. I have no idea on the second class because I will start that around Jan. It's basically the same thing I do in my first class just different people ( I think). And I think two classes will do me better than one.

I just hope maybe I can get into the Chautauqua lake Ballet Co. for summer camp or something, I just hope maybe in a few years I have achieved enough greatness that I can join the school. But the thing that has my worried is that I just turned 21, and I think I have no chance,but to dance at public dance schools. Ever since I was kid all I wanted to do was dance and sing, but since I can't sing I rap. I dance for Kay Duffy, such a wonderful teacher, I love her!!!! I think for Christmas I will write her a poem featuring a student who wanted to be free and the teacher helped the student reached that potiental.

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