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Guest ballet princess

Hello again :)


My double pirouettes do not seem to be as consistent as they used to be. I know that we all have our bad turning days, however its been more like an off turning month or so. :blushing: Sometimes I can manage to pull off a triple (on the rare occasion) however I find that my problem is I hop a bit on my second turn. I have been concentrating on thinking of pushing into the floor and up through my head to offer resistance and better connect me with the floor but it does not seem to be working. :P Any ideas on what may be going wrong?

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Sight unseen, I'd have to say that a couple of things are probably off here. First, your balance is failing after a certain point in the pirouette, which is what I call the "flinch point". You may be doing all right, and then, "OMG, it's a (double, triple, whatever)" And you momentarily collapse just a bit and recover, causing a hitch in your balance. Second, if you know that the flinch is not happening, you may be losing the turnout on your supporting foot just as you begin the turn. Check it out - look into the mirror and see that you don't lose the rotation from the hip on that supporting leg while you're turning. It will compromise your balance. You'll see it in an en dehors pirouette done en face very plainly. You demi-plié, and just before you take off into the turn, WHOOPS! in goes the front foot! Try it, and tell me if that's happening?

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Guest ballet princess

Thanks :P


I checked to see if my supporting leg turns in when I turn and it doesn't so thats a good thing. Now that I think of it, I do seem to have a "flinch" point in my pirouettes. Since I've had a few off days, I guess it makes me fear pirouettes when they come. I'll try to relax before them and not look at them in fear, in class tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes.

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whenever i have "hopping days" with my turns my teacher tells me to think of pushing down into the floor, not trying to pull up so much that you aren't grounded properly. i don't know if this is part of your problem or not, but hopefully it's helpful! :thumbsup:

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Today I was practicing pirouettes inbetween class and rehearsal and for the first time, what my teachers have been saying really clicked in my body and in my mind. :angry: They always say to think of a turn (especially a single) as a balance where your spot pulls you around. And I finally did it right! It worked wonderfully. It's hard to get the feeling right every time, but when I do, I can now do doubles consistently! :D (Previously, I could never do double without nearly falling over.)


I'm not sure how much this contributes to your trouble with pirouettes, but as it helped me, I thought I would share...

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Guest imadancer

I have a class in just a few minutes and do alot of turning.I've been having some off days lately,and my teacher says that if you maybe just don't think about getting a double touble or triple as much,your form tends to be better and you end up doing a double or triple. :) Anyways, hope this helps. :wink::firedevil:

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Guest thumpinhippo

Yea, I was speaking to somebody recently who told me of a psychological thingamagig to do with that. Like if you think of a completely irrelevant topic, you are more likely to do a great pirouette than if you are thinking about the pirouette itself. I don't konw how true this is because when I do htis, it seems like a gamble as to wheter the pirouette will come out right or not. But then agian, it's always a gamble with me! I go through different phases as to what helps me get my pirouettes around, they were much better earlier this year but at the moment, I try to think of keeping my arms as stiff and circular as possible (as if they are hugging a barrel) this sometimes works!?!?!

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yes, I must say that keeping my arms stiff seems to help me to balance. I just have to make sure they are strong but still pretty. I've never caught myself doing it (probably because I'm concentrating so hard), but I wouldnt want to end up looking wooden.


I like the idea of thinking of something else during the pirouette. Next time, I'm going to think of broccolli or something equally mundane! :)

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I don't think I like the idea of keeping arms "stiff"! That is really not a good word to use, as it gives totally the wrong impression of what you want to look like. While the arms must have a circular shape, and be held from the back muscles, they certainly should not be stiff. Stiffness indicates tension, and in the arms that becomes excess tension, which stops movement instead of helping it.


And, if you don't like pirouettes, it's because you have not accomplished them yet. However, as long as you decide that you don't like them, you will never get them. They are really fun! And the better you get at them the more fun they are :)

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Keep practicing pirouettes! As you practice, you will improve over time, and the pirouettes will stop seeming like a threat. Ask your teacher for assistance. It's the slow way, but the only way that works! :wub:

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Guest brown-eyed-girl

I am also scared of multiple turns but this fear comes and goes. I go through about four-month periods of time when I can do perfect triples and doubles and then, strangely I get scared again. this usually happens when I come back from a break. What worries me is that I am now worse at pirouetts than I was last year :pinch: . I'll have to try all of the suggestions I just read and I'll let you know how it goes. Any new suggestions are also greatly appreciated.

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Rule one of ballet - NO FEAR!


After all, what's the worst that can happen to you if you fall out of a pirouette?


-You take a hard sit-down, right?


-Ever seen anybody really badly hurt from that?


The more likely thing is that the most injured sense will be that of pride, and that's easily repaired.


A constant theme that you'll hear over and over again on this board about teen dancers is that the body is sneaky, and will grow and do strange things to you while you're not looking. HOWEVER, you are in charge of it, and not it in charge of you. Losing turns after some time off is not uncommon at all. Don't lose heart, and press on! :pinch:

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Guest kitrisomeday

my main problem with pirroutes was the spotting. now i've got it under control and im pretty confident with my pirroutes. while turning, your pretty busy thinking about your rotation, arms, etc. but dont let your neck tense up. spotting is so much easier with a loose neck. this may not have been any help...because it sounds pretty obvious. however, it really made a breakthrough in my turns.

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