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Centre Splits and Turnout!!

Guest Balletomane

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Guest Balletomane

I am notoriously turnout IMPAIRED! My hips are so tight that it makes things very difficult (not to mention painful) for me and ruins most of my lines. Half of my life is spent in the straddle and the frog, and NOTHING is happening. Excercises, help? It's so frusterating!! :P

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Stretching is only one half of the rotation game. Along with the flexibility that stretches bring must come strength to assume rotation from the hipjoint without the force of gravity assisting in any major way. Rather than only sitting about stretching, there must be constant exercise of the rotator muscles. Seated, these are worked out by turning the leg from neutral to as nearly 90º as you can get it, first one, then the other and repeat until the cows come home. If you get bored waiting for the cows, stand up and practice turning out with rotation from the hip. Rolling onto the inside of the foot is not an option, and perfecting placement will be key to success in this area. Remember, knees must point in the same direction as the toes of the feet, and the knees must be under the hips. This starts you down the road to a useful turnout.


And welcome the Young Dancers' Forum here at Ballet Talk on Ballet Alert! Online!, Andrea. :thumbsup:

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