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Pointing the Foot

Sarah Ann

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I was wondering what exercises I could do to improve my pointe. . .it is sufficient for pointe work, but would like it to be more developed. . .I just ordered the Dancer's Dozen from discount dance, but any suggestions would be nice.

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Ah, the same old story. Tendus, dégagés, frappés, pas de chevals, etc.

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Guest gingembre

I find that when doing all of the above suggestions (thanks Major Mel!) thinking of "pushing" through the floor helps to build strength in my feet. You really want to feel the articulation of the feet in each tendu, etc. (i.e., from flat, to 1/4 point to 1/2 point to 3/4 point to full point and back EACH time). You should feel this through the whole foot that way.

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