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Sarah Ann

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About 4 years ago, I hyperextended my left knee to the point where i think I damaged my tendon on a trampoline, but not bad enough for surgery. Since then, I've had problems with it, such as left side splits, my knee pops down and hyperextends, and most of the time hurts. When I do Pique turns en pointe to the left, it does the same thing. . .anything that requires my leg to be super (locked) straight. . .and I have sufficient muscle in my legs. It looks the same as my right leg does, but it causes a lot of pain. . .do you have any suggestions to strengthen it? I'm also working on left stuff. . .I've always done everything on the right side from waterskiing. . .so any suggestions to help get my left side up to par. . .maybe this may be the problem.

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Sounds like you have some cartilage damage in there. :) Have you consulted a doctor recently about knee surgery?

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Guest gingembre

You should probably have a doctor check it out.


On a side note, I'm sure some of the teachers can add more here, but I wanted to point out that even when your leg is straight, the knee should never be "locked".

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not locked, but straight. . .some people (mainly when i coach skiing), consider their leg straigt when it could be straighter, so i normally refer to it as looking rather than being locked. When I hurt my knee, i went to an orthopedic surgeon and they did an MRI and said that i didn't need surgery. . . :):o

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