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frog stretch

Guest garlrm06

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Guest garlrm06

When doing the frog stretch on my stomach, should I be focusing more on stretching the bent legs out as far as possible while flattening the hips OR on keeping the hips flat while gently pressing my feet, soles together, to the floor? In other words, what is the purpose of this stretch and how does one do it properly?

Thank you in advance for your help!

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There's a little bit of controversy about this stretch, but I'd say that for most people, it's pretty benign. What to do is to keep the hips on the floor, but allow gravity to push the feet down. Don't press it at all, yourself. It's a passive exercise, where gravity does the work. Kids do it while watching TV. Just make sure that the feet aren't sickled in. Point the feet or put them sole to sole, as you like, just don't let the toes be lower than the heels.

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This one is not one of my favorites either. It's so easy to let the back sway and also to sickle the feet.

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There's always the "butterfly" which is like the "frog" except that it's done seated, with the legs to the front, and either the soles or the toes (my preference - reduces the chance of sickling) together. In this exercise, it can be either passive, with gravity doing the work or active, with you working the "turnout" muscles from the hips, to try and get the knees as close to the ground as possible. Hold the legs at the ankles, and press and release, like you're juicing an orange under either knee. Do as many reps as you feel comfortable doing. It doesn't take many! This one is safer than the "frog" because there is virtually no chance of swaying the back, and you can SEE the feet, so you can work to prevent sickling.

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