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en dehors pirouettes(hope i spelled it right)

Guest Future Star

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Pirouettes, whether they're en dedans, or en dehors, are nothing really more than balances that happen to turn. What you have to do is get from the preparation to the retiré position without knocking yourself off balance.

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Well, I think my first suggestion would be a ballet dictionary, Future Star! :wub: I fixed the topic title for you.


As Mr. Johnson said, first it's the balance! Find your correct placement in the preparatory position, and then practice the relevé to the pirouette position. When you have that, take the relevé around the corner like a quarter turn, and then work on half and single. When you can finish a single still "up", not falling back or off of the relevé, then just add a bit more impetus from the back muscles, be sure to spot, and stay up there until you go around twice. :D

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I've been having a lot of trouble with my turns as well. But a few weeks ago, something finally clicked, and though I'm still far from perfect, I'm definitely making progress. My teachers have always said to just think of a turn as a balance where your spot pulls you around. It actually works! I've never been able to do doubles, and now, as long as I remember that, I an do solid doubles. So my advice is just to try balancing, and then do that, but spot really well to bring your body around. Hope this helps-

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The best $5 you'll ever spend is for Gail Grant's extraordinary Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet. You may buy locally, or order using the Amazon.com banner at the top of this page.

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