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travel time?

Guest garlrm06

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1 1/2 hour from work

10 min walk from school

30 min walk from home or 15 min by bus.


(I go from different places depending on day and I always go home after class ;) )

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15 minutes biking, then a 45 minute train ride, a 25 minute street car ride and finally a 5 minute walk. So 1,5 hours.

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Guest gingembre

Living in Staten Island, pretty much anywhere is 1.5 hours - 20 min walk to the ferry, 25 min ferry ride, 25-30 min subway ride (actually, it's about 1.25, but I round up). In reality, I usually travel from work, therefore it's about 20-30 minutes to class from work. And getting to work is *slightly* fatser as instead of a subway ride I can walk from the boat, which is about 10 minutes.

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Gosh, I'm feeling guilty now. I've been moaning about my 30 min drive to my current class, and refusing to take the 1.5 hr drive that would get me to BalletMet for classes. Is everyone really doing 1.5 hr commutes oneway (3 hrs total???). Maybe I'm just a wimp!



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One of my favorite memories centers on traveling to ballet class a number of years ago. I was working as a small town newspaper editor, in a town of 7,000 (including the college students!). One of those jobs that consumed my time 24/7. But, a branch of an excellent ballet school opened in a town (also a college town) some 45 minutes away. Somehow I managed to cram in several trips each week to take class. The trip was as special as the class. I would drive 45 minutes each way, and the way back was the best! I would be traveling along the countryside, smelling the corn fermenting, and listening to Sears Radio Theater each night at the same time. Along the way was a gas station/general store, that had the best mint ice cream in the world. I'd stop and get a cone for a quarter, and continue on, listening to the radio theater right up til I hit my driveway. Sometimes those treks can be as rewarding as class.

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Well, my "home" studio is about a mile away, so 5-10 min by car or bike once time for finding parking is taken into account. I prefer to leave the house 30 min before class but can make it in 10.


From work to class I like to allow a 1.5 hour interval for the bicycle commute home, a shower, a snack, and then the trip to class. But if I were to drive directly from the office, that would be about 15 min. Yup, I'm spoiled.


Right now I am going to classes in a different part of town while my place is closed for 2 weeks. The trek there is 30-40 minutes by car, though I am getting better at finding faster routes. :-)

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I live in Boulder but take class in Denver, so I face a 45 minute commute (about 35 miles) each way. The most direct route is a heavily traveled 2 lane road with a hideous accident record ("pray for me, I commute on 93" is frequently heard). At least 4 times I've had to divert and completely change my route when emergency workers have closed that road to clean up an accident.


Whenever I am working in Denver, I make sure I've got my dance bag in the car, and also leave spare clothes and shoes at the studio just in case I somehow get into Denver and unexpectedly have a window of time to take a class.


I will confess that sometimes I let the commute time/distance effect my decision to go to class that evening or not. A ballet class night takes up the entire evening!

5:45pm pack dance bag, grab quick snack

6:00pm leave for class

7:00pm ballet class

9:15pm class ends

10:15pm finally home, unless we go out for more food


That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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Guest beckster

When I lived in Reading it would take at least an hour to get home due to the appalling public transport - I had to take two 20-minute bus trips but since one of them only went once an hour, I had a long cold wait in the centre of town. Now I live in London I am totally spoiled for transport, but conversely it has made me lazy. The places I go for class are generally less than 15 minutes from both work and home by bus. I absolutely refuse to own a car when I am young and have no kids, so when I move out of London again I might be in trouble!

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Marjolein, I thought of that movie, "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" when I read how you commute to class! :thumbsup:


I drive about an hour for one class, which I actually enjoy -- I do my tapes to learn Spanish, or sing really loudly with the radio without bothering anyone. :D


For my other two classes, it's either a 15-minute drive from home, or a walk across the street from work.

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About a mile = 5 minutes by car. Could bike in about 10 minutes, but there's not a secure place to leave my bike -- and also, my daughter has class at the same time so I give her a ride.


Hart, which school do you go to?

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My school's about twenty miles away, but luckily it's mostly along motorways. It takes about twenty-five minutes driving sedately, but I can make it in fifteen if I'm running late (which is often!). Ease of getting to class is one of my main factors in choosing where I live - I have enough trouble making it from work to class in time with a fifteen-minute journey, so any more than that and I'd be missing even more classes than I do currently.


I'm looking to buy my first house at the moment, but find myself in the tricky position of having ruled out most of the affordable areas because my journey-time to class will be doubled or tripled by the time I've made it across town to the motorway. If it's a choice between making the first step onto the property ladder or ballet, it looks like I'm gonna keep renting 'til the property market slumps!

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