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I will be doing my first company audition in Houston on 1/17. I know to expect a large amount of people and probably cuts throughout the class, however I am not sure what to expect if I make it through the whole class with out being cut (which will hopefully be the case) :wink: The class is from 10-12. They also have times for repertory from 3-4:30. What does this rep part consist of? Do most company auditions do something like that? Is it where you learn rep to see if you can pick it up quickly? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks in advance!


--Also, does anyone know which auditions allow you to take the full class and which auditions cut people throughout the class?? Ms. Leigh, how does Washington do it?

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WB does, unfortunately, cut during the company auditions. It's necessary because of the large numbers of people. (I do NOT cut during the SI auditions though!)


The repertory part could be anything that the company has in their rep. It would be to see you do some of their work and also to see how quickly you learn. So, it would be different with each company.

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Thank you for the information! I will be auditioning for WB and for WSB as well, so it's good to know in advance that WB does make cuts.

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I have done the company audition at WB- while they do cut, the atmosphere is very positive and Mr Weber is very nice and pleasant-- it's not nearly as stressful as a lot of auditions. I've never done one with a rep segment-- good luck to you!

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