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Arch Surgery???

Guest devion101

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Guest devion101

I have heard from some of my dance friends that if you really don't have great ballet feet, you can have surgery done on them to make them more arched. Is that true? :D . I think it sounds a bit desperate, but then again, you never know... Does anyone have any evidence for or against it? Thanks!



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Guest Tarantella

I heard about that too but it included taking away the bone in the back of the ankle to allow more flexibility I think. I have seen someone who supposedly had it done (personally I would never do it ) and I don't think anything major happened. For me I would never want to risk who knows what to do it and then having to recover. :D


This is all stuff that I have heard about...I am not sure of anything.



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Removing the os trigonum isn't something that most people would do unless they HAD to, as the recovery period is three months+. Even if you did have it removed, it doesn't make your ankle much more flexible.

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And sometimes it's jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Reconstructive surgery while a patient is still not mature is to be undertaken almost only in the cases of catastrophic accident or congenital deformity which compromise mobility so badly that the patient cannot walk. Your feet may look better, for example, but your shins or calves may suffer from changes in the attachment points of the connective tissues. The knees may be stressed for the same reason. And when the knees are stressed, problems just go right up the body. Surgery is not a viable option for a dancer except in case of disaster.


(Edited to add: THIS IS NOT A NOSE JOB!)

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The operative questions here are: How old was Ms. Fujioka when she had the surgery performed, and for what reason? I'll venture that it wasn't elective or cosmetic. I've known a couple of dancers who've had various surgeries done on their feet and legs from injuries, danced for a season, then had the same procedure performed electively on the other side, because they were dancing off-balance!

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Hello amiko, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :o


The post you are responding to is from almost 5 years ago, and I don't think that the poster is even here any more. The post was possibly not even factual, and Mr. Johnson made that clear in his response. We do try to immediately question anything that we think might be hearsay rather than fact, because we do not allow any gossip here! You notice that in all this time the poster of that statement has never responded again, which would lead one to think that Mr. Johnson was most likely right in questioning the truth of the post. :rolleyes:

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:blink: Yes, neither would I. And I probably wouldn't argue anything Major Mel said, either.
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