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London Meet II?

Mr Robin

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Hi everyone, hope you all had a great Christmas!


Wondering if people are still up for another meet in January - hopefully we can find a date that suits the full British contingent. It'd be great to do a class or see a performance this time, but we could just meet for drinks again if that's what everyone fancies. I'm planning a trip down South in January, so if there's a good date for a meet I'll fit my trip in around it - I'm not free in the last week, but any time before that would suit me.


Have a Happy New Year - hope to see you soon after!



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Hello everyone. January sounds good for a 2nd meet. I am about on the following dates......sat 10, sun 11, mon 12, mon 19, tues 20, tues 27 - sat 31. If these dates are good to anyone let me know and then i can sort out when i can do some overtime..... as if we dont work enough.... its a long time til payday.......


Hope we can pull this off again,


Love skippy x

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10th/11th/12th would be good for me - I think I'll be away from the 20th onwards. If everyone fancies seeing a performance there's loads on - Cinderella and Giselle at the ROH on the 10th and 12th respectively, Play Without Words at the National on the 10th/11th/12th, Swan Lake at the Royal Festival Hall on the 10th/11th, and The Nutcracker at the Hammersmith Apollo on the 10th/11th.


I'd be quite up for doing a class in the afternoon, too, if people fancied it. I'm sure Kate and Beckster will know better about classes, but Danceworks have Elementary classes on Sat. and Mon. afternoons, and Beginners and Intermediate on Sunday afternoons. Pinepple have an Elementary class on Monday afternoons, too, and there are probably more at other schools that I don't know about.


How are those dates for everyone else, and what do you think - performance, class, both, or just drinks again?

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Guest beckster

Any of those dates would probably be ok for me. I'm going to see Giselle in a couple of weeks ... but any of the others would be ok. The ROH will be expensive though and I'm a bit skint after Christmas! Or perhaps we could go to a class at Pineapple on Saturday afternoon (I've never been there so don't know what's good) and go for a drink in the evening.

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Pineapple have a choice of basic/beginner ballet at 1pm on Saturdays, or 'all' level at 3pm. Not sure what 'all' means - presumably this is an open class including everyone up to professionals - but I've e-mailed them to find out.

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I'd be up for doing something... Happy New Year everyone by the way!


I can't dance at the moment, waiting for a diagnosis on my sore foot (fingers crossed it is tendonitis not the other itis) but going to see something (with v cheap tickets) or a drink would be lovely.

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Just been checking out performances - there are tickets available for ENB's Nutcracker on Sunday night at £25 still, and for Play Without Words on Monday night for £19. Don't know if you'd count these as v.cheap or not, but presumably they're cheaper than the ROH. Anyone fancy either of these?

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