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I'm back!!


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I'm back in Holland and not returning to france for the rest of the year!!


like some of you might remember, i was going to france for a year to be an au pair. well, instead of au pair, i was more like a maid doing all of the cleaning work in the house!! :wacko: so, i already decided to leave, but i agreed to stay until after all the holidays, but, yesterday, everything exploded and i changed my ticket and i'm home again!!


as a surprise of my parents, i'll be leaving towards the US january 9th, so, i can only keep in touch with you for this week and then, relax for two full weeks in the states!! i can hardly wait


i've been reading lots of topics, but to go over two months time is just simply too much here on the boards, i think i would be reading for a long time!! hope that i can join in discussions soon again and i look forward to that.


oh, skippy, this summer i'll be returning to my old job at schiphol airport...so, maybe another chance!!



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Hi Skip, Sorry to hear that France did not work out. Have a great time in the US and go mad in all the dance shops (if you get the chance) i went mad out there and got some great bargains out there.


Hopefully we will get the chance to meet up in the summer i shall let you know when i am there, Take care and have a great New Year,


Love Skippy :wacko:

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