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Photos: photography question

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Guest sparkle j

I remember borrowing a book from the library that consisted entirely of dance photography. Specifically the book showcased dancers in rehearsal with ratty and torn warmups and slippers repaired by duct tape... etc. The author of the introduction mentioned that this person was quite influential-- after the publication of his(?) photographs, dancers would come to class with the same type of worn apparel.


Does this ring a bell? Anyone know of the photographer's name?


I post this question in the Aesthetics forum because of the impact the photography had on the appearance of the dancers.


I recently discovered a couple of prints of a dancer in 5th position wearing yellow tights, red leg warmers and slippers with duct tape holding them together, and another of just a pair of pointe shoes all worn out. They are by the same photographer of that book I saw once... and now I'm on a mission to find out who that was.




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Guest Leigh Witchel

Joelle -


I'm pretty sure you're describing Harvey Edwards' work.


I'm going to move this question to the "Books, Magazines, Critics" forums, since it's a book you were looking for.

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