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Van service is provided to and from ECGlass High School during year round - also to dance class in bad weather, and will take you where you want to go on the weekends. Seniors are permitted to have a car on campus. My suggestion if you are going to be a senior is to attend this summer so you will have a chance to be a "known quantity" before class placement and assignment of performance roles in the fall.


This year there are three levels and class sizes are small which is great - and plenty of boys for pas. Usually the levels are separate but sometimes take class together, on Sat mornings, or sometimes combine two levels. There are usually 2 or max 3 per room during the year and you can request a roomate and dorm - most of the older kids choose Whiteside. 2 or 3 rooms share a bath. You can paint your room before class starts in the fall.


There are three ballet teachers (2 male, 1 female) and one jazz-modern teacher on the faculty plus great guest teachers almost every week which allows for a variety of styles to be taught. The studios are large and there is one in the dorm.

Any other questions ask away! Also at least in Chicago there are parents of students or alumni helping out at the audition and they can answer your questions too.

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Thank you both for your replies, I'm sure I'll have many more questions! My mom called the school today and they said that they do accept seniors :clapping: (Interlochen wouldn't next year, because this year they already have a huge junior class)

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Bump! :speechless:


I found the link in the above post to be very useful, but I didn't see Jeff Rogers listed under either the faculty or the guest faculty (scroll down below the top three bios). Any insights on this?

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I don't know Pierrette...


That's really weird.


My interactions with VSA have only been when Mr. Keener comes to our studio to give SI auditions. He certainly seems very nice but he didn't mention anything at all about Jeff Rogers while he was here.


It might be possible that they've not updated their website???


Perhaps someone could give them a call & see what's up.


Clara 76

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Martha Pearl

Hello all. Newbie here. What a great site! Anyway, right off the bat found questions about DD's school, VSA. I can answer questions. She's been there for 4 years and loves it. She has been taking classes daily from Jeff Rogers this year and he is indeed on the year-round faculty now. All I can say is that he is amazing!! The kids worship the ground he walks on and he has incredible rapport with them. When they announced that he would be staying permanently on the faculty at the Holiday Performance, the kids cheered. My DD says his classes are wonderful, challenging, and he is so positive and upbeat. They love him and anyone that makes our kiddos that happy has to be incredible. Hope that helps.


Martha Pearl

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Martha Pearl, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers and thank you so much for giving everyone that update and good news! :o I hope you'll become involved in other discussions on the board, as well. :P

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Just did a little "house keeping" and have let this original thread here, split off three other posts into appropriate topics on Cross Talk and the SI forum, where it's been confirmed about the staff changes. :D

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Clara, it's possible they didn't update their website. I noticed under the "Upcoming Performances" page that they just have this past season's "Nutcracker" posted.

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When I last checked their website, their AD was Petrus Boseman.


Clara 76

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The AD is still Petrus Bosman ( Royal Ballet). Jeff Rogers started out the year I believe as guest faculty and was hired on full time. Website needs to be updated! Other faculty members are David Keener, Martha Faesi, and LIsa Thomas for modern and jazz. There are also guest teachers and choregraphers throughout the year. My daughter has been there for 3 years - if you have questions please ask!

Also as far as upcoming performances this year's Gala is May 7 and they will also be at the regional high school dance festival in Baltimore in March.

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I can back that up. I was there for the 2004 SI (attending 2005). Mr Rogers is a great teacher and person to be around. The teachers are all very good, David Keener is/was a major help and he shows alot of care. It really is a great school.

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Welcome to our forum, Martha Pearl and Turning Timmy (whose post here is the first I've seen so this is a little belated. :( ) It's nice to have people associated with various programs posting about them. It helps all of us. I hope we'll hear more from you both.

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MarthaPearl and Turning Timmy


I am looking at this school for my daughter for next year. I would like to know more about the day both ballet and school. How do your kids like the academic school?


What their dance schedule like? Is there enough time to get the homework done? How many kids are in your DK ballet classes? What is the girl/boy ratio? Do they find the classes challenging? Do they get enough personal attention? Do they get significant Pas classes?


My DD would be dorming, what can you tell me about the facilities and supervision?


Thanks in advance.

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I was there for 2004 summer. I have not attended the school year, but i almost did. Because of this, I obtained alot of information on year round school.

The teachers are all well rounded in dance. They do have the quality of giving attention to all the dancers.

I dont know this for sure, but I believe the high school that the dancers attend, EC Glass is one of the top ten in the nation. I know that the residential advisors push for the students to do there work.

The residential advisors are very helpful with daily problems, so that if you need help with life they try there best to get you through. While I was there for the summer my grandfather died, they made me feel so much better and were very understanding.

You room with one or two people. The building you stay in has no cooling, but you get over that. Hay there dancers they can stand the heat, I know I did. They have times to go to bed. Boy and girls are not allowed in each others dorm areas.

The studios are great, very nice sized.

Check out the webpage. www.vsaart.com :shrug:

Hope i helped.

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