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Welcome to BT! We look forward to having you as part of our cyber community. Best of luck with your decision about residency. Take some time and read through the threads that relate to this topic. There are many with good insights and experiences in this area. I hope you can decide on a solution that is best for you and your family! I know it is a very tough decision. :)

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I have several friends who have been accepted and/or attend VSA. I think its a good school. I don't know how competitive it is to get in. You might consider attending their summer program, then you could see how you liked it. My friends have liked their summer program and year round program. Try to enjoy your audition! I have met David Keener, he does some of their auditions, and is very nice and teaches a fun class. :D




David Keener no longer is at VSA, at least I dont think so ! He came down to our studio and choregraphed a dance for the company!! It was very good!




I have a few questions about full year program too, I am thinking about joining my Junior year!!!

1. How was the audition, was it hard, and did you tell them before hand if you wanted to attend the full year program or do you just take the audition for the summer program and they will tell you at the end if you can do full year program?

2. Are the classes nice?

3. Around how many hours do you take a week?

4. What is the tution price like?


5.Around how many people do they take?




::Thanks for your time everyone, this will be a huge decision for me if I get in::

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duhitsnicolette, I just re-read this thread to see if your questions have already been addressed and how recently that type information was updated. Most, if not all, of your questions have been answered by current students during the present academic year. Have you read the entire thread yet? If not, please do, there is quite abit of information about the process, school day, and dorm life there.


Yes, you are correct that David Keener is no longer at VSA--nor is Jeff Rogers. The Artistic Director is still Petrus Bosman and the new Executive Director is Tyrone Brooks, an alumnus of Dance Theatre of Harlem. Only Mr. Brooks is new this year. Martha Faesi is the Director of Dance. Lisa Thomas is the Modern/Jazz teacher. Sonny Robison (Dance Theatre of Harlem) will be joining the permanent faculty for next year, and I believe, for this summer.


Susan Anderson is the Residency Advisor and Deb Power is the Admissions Director. All of these fine folks would be more than willing to answer specific questions that you might have about the school that the student posters here have not answered.

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VSA is having their 20th Anniversary show this weekend "An Evening of Elegance". I'm going to see it and can't wait. I am sure it will be great. They have several alum coming back for the weekend. Some will even be performing.

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:::moderators please feel free to delete::

I have a quick question today i was typing in the virginia school of the arts webpage and it popped up saying the webpage was expired. has this happened to anyone else?

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They have been updating it.

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I am going to be attending VSA this year and I still havn't recieved any information like who my roommate is, what classes I'm taking (at E.C. Glass), what I need to bring for the dorms and stuff like that. I was wondering if anyone knew when this type of info would be coming?

It would be really great to know considering school starts in less than a month.

Also I'm going to be a senior so if anyone has experienced starting at VSA as a senior it would be great to hear from you as I am quite nervous.

Thanks in advance!!

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Banana Feet

As soon as they know for sure who is coming, they will do the room assignments, etc. You might want to call Ms. Power about Glass scheduling and see if you need to do anything. She'll help you to connect with Glass so you can pick your classes and everything. You also might want to ask her about the admissions packet for the school year. I believe that is where they had the list of stuff you need to bring.

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The packet usually comes out in August so you should be getting it soon. There are a couple of things that are always on the list that you do NOT need:

Bring character shoes if you have them but do not go out and purchase them if you don't.

I think there is wireless internet now in both dorms so if you have a cell phone I don't think you will need a phone line - ask Ms. Power for sure.


Not on the list but nice to have: vacuum cleaner, one of those foam toppers for your mattress, and the plastic things from Bed Bath and Beyond that raise your bed up off the floor so you can store stuff underneath.

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Thank you Banana Feet and e's mom!! Banana Feet, are you currently a student at VSA? If you are I'd love to ask you some questions just like about life at VSA and classes at the high school...

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Banana Feet

I was at VSA this past year! Go ahead and ask questions :clapping:


Oh and adding to e'smom's list of things on the list that you don't really need, although the Technical Manual is nice to have, we never actually used it.

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OK, my first question is how hot do the dorm rooms get and is a fan enough?? Also, what time do you usually get back to the dorms at night to do homework and such, and are the classes at E.C. Glass really hard?? Do VSA kids usually take honors and AP classes?? I've been taking all honors and APs at my old school, but i think with so much dance it might be too much?

ok just one more for now.... how often do you have jazz and modern classes at VSA?


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