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I'm sorry if this post isn't allowed, I'm not entirely sure of the rules yet. But I was wondering if there was anyone here from or living in Hawaii (on oahu) who could tell me where to find ballet classes?

I've looked around and seen the Hawaii state ballet, and some others. But frankly I'm not sure if I can afford them. Having said that, if someone could give me the names of other dance companies or organizations, I would certainly look into them. I also heard that the YMCA gives lessons in ballet. anyone know if they're any good?

Sorry if this post isn't allowed or anything. But yeah, if anyone can help me it'd be really appreciated! Thankyou in advance!

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Guest dancingforever

And me, because I live on Oahu too! :wink: Like you mentioned, Hawaii State Ballet is a big school. So is Ballet Hawaii. They both have a good repuatation, or are al least well-known. Actually, I have some issues with Hawaii State, but since you aren't considering going there, we'll leave it. The smaller schools that I would consider to have good training are Queen Emma Ballet (where I go--very good!), Honolulu Dance Theater, and Pacific Ballet Academy. Then there are dance schools affiliated with regular academic schools, like Punahou and Iolani, and even if you don't go to school there, you can still sign up for classes. Midpac, another academic school, is also a performing arts school and has dance during the day. As for the Y, I can't really help you there. I have a friend who takes hip hop and jazz at Central Y, but I'm not sure about the ballet. If you have any other questions, just ask! :thumbsup: Oh, and I'm not sure how old you are, and a lot of this advice applies to younger dancers. If you want to take open classes, I know that Queen Emma Ballet and Ballet Hawaii offer them, and I'm not sure where else. Just wanted to make sure you knew that too!

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That's right! :thumbsup: I had forgotten that we had another consumer reporter from the Aloha State! Great input, and thanks! :wink: Other ideas welcome!

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I wish I lived in Hawaii :wink: Anyone know of magic ways for a Michigan resident to take classes in HI? haha, that would be nice.

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Guest Lukayev

Dancingforever covered the basic areas, but I'm going to have to say that most come with a pretty hefty pricetag - Hawaii State Ballet and Ballet Hawaii being the most expensive.


There are, of course, the many "neighborhood studios" at which ballet, tap, jazz, gymnastics, blah dee blah are offered. However, these are not going to help you in your endeavors if you're a serious ballet student, just like they wouldn't in any other state.


I'm just going to vamp for Ballet Hawaii here because 1) I attend this school and 2) We get a fair share of incoming students. Our facilities rate pretty highly for a studio way out in Hawaii - I know that a certain rival school (ahem) doesn't even have sprung floors, but rather marley laid out on a type of LINOLEUM (!?). Many of their students have back problems associated with dancing 6 days a week on incompetent flooring. However, one alum is a soloist with Boston Ballet now, and the other starred in a little ballet movie - Center Stage, I think it was? :thumbsup::blushing:


Anyhoo, the faculty at BH are all very sweet and they will help you find the "right fit" in terms of what level you should be dancing at. I came in at age 12 and let me tell you - I was quite behind for my age - but the teachers refused to let me just stagnate at the lower levels and pushed me to try harder. And look where I am now! I'm not exactly a professional but I've danced in leading roles alongside them for Nutcracker and I got in to a prestigious ballet school on the mainland! I don't mean to brag or sound like a smarmy, self-made person because I'm NOT - I'm just saying that you'll be surprised at how much progress can be achieved here.


Now, this isn't to say the other school wouldn't have given me equal success or not be the best for you - I was just lucky to find the right school for me, on the first shot.


Anyhoo - Ballet Hawaii is starting their Winter/Spring Session on Jan. 5, so I would give them, Hawaii State, and Queen Emma a call. I believe they're all done with Christmas break at the same time...


Hope this helps! Feel free to PM me anytime re: Ballet Schools. :wink:

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I'm not from Hawaii (but sometimes I wish I were...it's WAY too cold up in Chicago) but one thing I would recommend is taking trial classes at any place that looks good to you. What's good for one isn't right for all. Even if you don't know much about ballet, you can get a pretty good idea of whether or not you like the feel of the place. It's kind of like test driving cars (oh wait, I don't drive...I'm hoping this is a good analogy). Recommendations help tons, and the ones that Lukayev and Dancing Forever gave look good to me. But see where you feel comfortable!


As for trial classes, most studios around here will let you take a trial class for a small fee. I know my studio charges $15 for a single class. If you then sign up for classes, they take that $15 off of a semester's tuition.


Good luck! It's great that you want to start ballet!

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Thanks so much you guys. Lots of help! It was really great to hear your thoughts on the different schools, especially coming from a students who know what they're talking about. I'm phoning Ballet Hawaii tomorrow so we shall see how it goes. Dolphingirl, brilliant idea, makes lots of sense.


Wish me luck!

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