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Educating clueless parents


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I recently had a visit with some old friends who moved to another city some years ago. The mom proudly informed me that her 12-year-old had just started pointe. Being a bit surprised, as I'd never known that ballet was a major interest of this child's, I asked about her classes. It turns out that she dances just twice a week: a 1.5 hour technique class on Thursday, and a 1.5 hour pointe class on Friday.


I was at a loss for what to do. "Mind your own business" certainly came into my head. Mom was very proud, and the time didn't seem right for deflating that. On the other hand, protecting this child from injury seems like a reasonable basis for saying something. The school does not sound like a Dolly Dinkle -- there was mention of a junior ballet company associated with it -- but neither mom nor daughter could actually remember the school's name :gossip: In the end, I don't think ballet is much more than "an activity" for this child; I'm sure she doesn't have professional aspirations. The problem is how to educate this mother nicely.

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Maybe the 1.5 hour pointe class was actually an hour 25-minute ballet class followed by five minutes of releves on pointe at the barre?

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One would like to think so. The way the kid described it was "one regular class and one pointe class". She was not particularly communicative, which is why I think ballet is more of an activity for her than a passion.

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Hi Treefrog,


I like BW's advice. Take advantage of the mom's pride and interest in her daughter's pointe experience by giving her a book all about pointe as a gift. You can say something to the effect of "this book really helped me understand all aspects of pointe work and how to help ensure my kids' feet stayed healthy."


See you soon :D

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Oh vagansmom, you said it in a much better way than I did! :D



Let's face it, no one really likes unasked for advice - let alone asked for advice, most of the time. :thumbsup:


The Pointe Book is truly a very helpful book. I bought a copy well before my own daughter was going en pointe and we both used it a great deal in the beginning.

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But I'm so good at giving unasked-for advice :thumbsup::D:D


Vagansmom does have a way with words. And you too, BW!


Your advice is very good. Since I've never read The Pointe Book myself, I can truly send it on as a new and valuable resource I just stumbled on. Looks like I'll order two copies through Amazon overhead.


Thanks, guys.

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I think the book is an excellent idea! From what we have observed many parents and students are overwhelmed with all of the new information about going on Pointe. It was a learning experience for our family! :D

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I'm not a ballet mom yet. . .thank god since I'm only 18, but does anyone know where the cheapest price is for the Pointe Book? My boyfriend ordered me some things off of my wish list from Discount Dance. . .a few books and what nots, but he skipped that one :D and it was probably the top one on my list. . .haha. . .oh how things work! But, on the other hand, I am still very interrested in buying it.


I started pointe just about a year ago. . .I got a late start, and I never plan on being professional, but I am still taking 4 hours of ballet a week to improve my skills for my profession. . .Show Waterskiing. I believe that doing pointe just for an activity is fine as long as it is still taken seriously.

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Try Amazon.com, Sarah Ann. Please click on it from the link here on BA, as the site gets a teeny bit of rebate from orders placed from here. :D

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Sarah Ann, just to be clear, I never meant to put down dancing for its own sake. Some of my best friends ... etc, etc. I just meant that this particular child didn't evidence much passion for ballet.

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I know what you meant. . .I didn't mean for that to come off the way it did. I believe that we are in aggreance (sp?) that ballet, pointe in particular, is fine to do as just an activity, as long as it is done right and taken seriously with all of the important aspects (number of classes, technique, etc.) looked at in the same way as if you were practicing to be a professional. It sounds like your friend and her daughter don't understand this and pointe is a novelty to them as of now. . .I think that more knowledge on their part would fix this though. I hope this helps clarify what I'm trying to say. . .It's late, so if it doesn't make much sense, I'm sorry! :thumbsup:

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To find books at great prices, you could try www.buy.com and www.overstock.com. I use these two sites all the time. They have great prices, reasonable shipping, and quick and friendly service.

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Trespassing :P just to advise MMH that we try, whenever possible, to order through Amazon by clicking directly on the top, right corner of each BA page. Each transaction so initiated earns this site some pocket change that helps sustain it.

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