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Educating clueless parents


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I'm so sorry; I'm new here and had no idea. Won't happen again. By the way, what's the BA page-guessing the Ballet Alert Home Page????

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I know I have asked a lot of questions on this board about pointe because it seems that pointe at an early age with minimal training is not that unusual. My daughter's friend who moved to the south in the third grade came to visit us over vacation. She is now 11 years old and attends a competition dance school where she is in a jazz company and tap company. She told us that they are required to take ballet and pointe 2x/week and she hates it. She also told us that in her ballet class they are learning to "lift each other" and all kinds of cool tricks. (I am not exaggerating.) She never used ballet terms so I am not sure what kind of tricks. I brought her and my daughter to see the Boston Ballet Nutcracker. My daughter was in awe of the professional dancers. Her friend, on the other hand, told us with a bored expression "we do all that stuff in my class." Would I say anything to her mother regarding educating her? No.

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Is the mother aware of the daughter's feelings about this? If DD hates ballet and pointe, then there should be something done to make her more comfortable. . .to my understanding, it sounds like she loves the tap and jazz aspect of it. Ballet in no doubt would help her technique more than anything and she should be encouraged to take classes, but pointe seems to be pushing it if she does not enjoy it or want to pursue it in any way.

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Sarah Ann, Yes, her mother knows that she dislikes ballet. Ballet is a requirement if the students want to compete in jazz, they have no choice. Why they also dance on pointe and "lift each other" in ballet class, I have no idea.

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Yes, I can see how ballet could be a requirement. . .but maybe one of the moderators could elaborate on why pointe may be required, as I couldn't see a reason for it. It may just be crazy. . .that's what I'm thinking.

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If the ballet is only being taught as a supplement for jazz, I can't think of any reason for pointe to be included, except for "that's the way it's done." And that's not much motivation for either student or teacher!

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Victoria Leigh

There is absolutely no reason at all why pointe should be required, but it just goes along with the totally uneducated and clueless aspect of these kinds of schools. They are criminal and should be abolished. :):wacko:


Sorry, but I have no tolerance for this kind of idiocy at all. If people want to do tap and jazz, fine, do it. Add a couple of ballet classes, fine. But pointe??? With that kind of situation where there is absolutely no quality of ballet training??? I DON'T THINK SO! :blink:


MMH, BA page is any Ballet Alert page! :wink: The Amazon banner is up there!

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Thats what I though Mr. Johnson and Ms. Leigh. . .thank you for giving solid advise. . .Also, when I plan on ordering The Pointe Book, I will do so from the banner on this site. . .as to my understanding, it helps out Ballet Alert!

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I have posted on the subject of pointe in other areas but will add a few lines here. My daughter dances at at competitive school where tap and jazz, adagio etc are the main focus. It is mandatory that ballet is taken for competitive students because ballet is the basis for all dance. (am I right?) So along with her 5 hours of tap and jazz she has 3 hours of ballet. It is NOT mandatory for her class, or Company, to take pointe instruction. It is rumoured that pointe is "by invitation" only and the dancer and the parent(s) can decide whether or not to participate. I say rumoured because there are some issues within the Studio this year that have become a source of discontent regarding pointe.


Anyway, I just wanted to add that it does not seem the norm for pointe to be mandatory.



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I have heard arguments that pointe at jazz competition schools is made mandatory because it strengthens the feet in a way that "nothing else can" and therefore helps improve the height of jumps and control of balances.


Now before you jump down my throat, these are their words not mine. I agree with Ms. Leigh.

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