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Adult Dance Camps 2004


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As of this writing, the ADC website still references 2003 information. However, the December/January issue of Pointe magazine includes Adult Dance Camps in its Summer Study Guide 2004:



Richmond Ballet

3216 W. Cary Street, #172

Richmond, VA 23221


Program Director: Heidi Pankoff


Email: heidiplie@aol.com

Website: www.adultdancecamps.com

Dates: June 13-19, August 1-7, August 15-21

Classes offered: ballet, jazz, modern, character, partnering, variations, men's, pointe, pirouettes

Performance opportunity: yes

Audition required: no

Age requirements: yes, 18+

Program levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced

Tuition: $560, includes 7 meals

Scholarships: no

Housing: yes; housing type: hotel

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I heard from Heidi that she expects to have the website updated by the end of January.

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That looks like something that I would really enjoy! Does anyone know if there are generally younger adults there (18-21)? And any information from people that have been there would be really nice!

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Does anyone know if there are generally younger adults there (18-21)?  And any information from people that have been there would be really nice!

I'm not sure what the age of ADC's youngest tuition paying student has been (an assistant's son who is still in HS did the June 2002 session, but I don't think that was official). I can state, that no matter what your age or ability, you will find kindred souls, have fun, and learn a bunch.


For more information, read the sticky topic "Richmond Survival Guide". Please remember that as a sticky it is supposed to be confined to tips, suggestions, and advice from ADC alumni, NOT a series of "I'm going to the June session, when are you going?" personal Q & As.

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Thank you very much. . .I'll check that out. . .I've read the website and it looks like a wonderful program. . .and since it is only a week long, it wouldn't interfere with my ski performances. I've been looking around for dance camps, but all of them are too long for me to take off skiing. . .but this one should be perfect.

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Sarah Ann, I was at the final August session in 2003, and one of the students there was 19. There were also some in their early 20s. (Also a few in their 60s and 70s).


I remember the 19 year-old saying that she was a little nervous about coming, but she ended up learning so much and had a great time, got along with everybody and never felt out-of-place.


So, y'all come!

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Guest Hilarie

Depending on what summer job I get, I'd also love to do this (and Sarah Ann, I'm 20). I'm wondering, though - for those of you who have been before, do you think it's worth the money for someone like me, who has a year of beginning ballet classes but has never set foot in a jazz, modern, or character class? :)

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Hilarie - yes, yes, yes! I had never set foot in a character or modern or jazz class before either, and I was game for all of them. Although I've been taking ballet since early 2000, there was another guy there who was practically a babe-in-arms as far as his ballet experience was concerned. We were in the mid-August ADC session, and he had begun taking classes only the previous January. He did well in ADC, I must say. Better than me in a lot of ways, in fact.


Kevin, if you're reading this, I hope your job situation has improved and that you'll join us again at ADC this year.

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I think I was the youngest at the June session last year (I was 18), but I definitely fit in just fine. No one really seems to care how old other campers are...they are all just there to dance. And Hilarie, like Hilarion said, don't worry about not having experience in disciplines besides ballet. The supplementary classes are not the focus of the week, but just give a nice variation from all the ballet. Some people skipped some of those classes to rest their bodies, although they are great experience if you are doing ok physically! That's the really nice thing about ADC...you can get what you want out of the program without the pressure of some other summer programs. The only thing is that the week gets rather pricey with the hotel and food on top of the reasonable tuition. My roommate and I opted to stock up on food at the grocery store and eat in some...especially for breakfast.

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Guest fastfeets

Venecha, that was my thinking as well! :thumbsup: I would love to spend my birthday on stage after a rigorous week of dance. What a wonderful thing that would be!


Another leo! I love August 21st as a birthday. I don't know why, but it's just a great day overall.


If you do decide to go that week, we must get together and celebrate our birthday :wub:

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