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Get stronger by stretching with Thera band


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I got inspired by elise's thread about Pavel Tsatsouline's stretching book.

I stubled over "Get stronger by strettching with Thera band" by Noa Spector-Floch. It says that she has a section with exersices for dancers. As they don't provide the service "Peek inside" on that specific book, I don't know if it is worth a try? :D Nobody had reviewed it either.

Apparently Spector-Floch has also made several VHS-tapes with Theraband exersices, so if anyone has seen them it would be a great help as well!

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yes, that was how I found the book yesterday! But there is no "peek/look inside" of the book on Amazon, and nobody has written any review there and I searched for reviewn on the interned for about 3 hours last night without success. :) I was hoping that somebody here might have seen the book or at least opened the book in a book shop in the UK or US :thumbsup:

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