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Guest BellaSylphide415

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Guest BellaSylphide415


Hey I am moving to VA in the fall and I was wonderin' if anybody on here knew of some good not-to-expensive schools in the area on the eastern side of the state.



~Bellasylphide415 :wink:

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Bella, I think you are going to have to narrow it down further, like a city or town, if you want us to help you. For instance, if you are near Richmond, there is good training there. If you are closer to DC, there is good training there.

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Guest primaballerina13

I am in the same predicament. Next year i am moving to Texas(of all places!) and i really want to find a good school. We are going to move to Frisco. I have tried researching schools on the internet but i couldn't find much. do any of you know any good ones? Thanks.

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Dancers, you are have to going to give us a city if you want help. A state is just too much territory.


Bellasylphide, The Washington Ballet is in DC. We have many students from Fairfax. There is also Maryland Youth Ballet in Bethesda, MD., and Universal Academy (formerly Kirov) in DC.

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