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Ballet schools in California - Orange County


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Knock, knock, not a young dancer but


there are lots of excellent studios in OC. There is a strong ballet contingent down there. Ballet Pacifica. Southland Ballet Academy, Orange County dance Center, Academy of Dance, Pacific Coast Academy of Dance. Long Beach Ballet (not OC but close) Classical Ballet Academy.

Just to name a few.

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A friend emailed me the website address of a brand-new ballet school called West Coast Ballet Academy in Aliso Viejo, Calif. headed by Gillian Finley, former director of Ballet Pacifica's ballet school:




Looks like they're opening for business in September.

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i wanted to know if there were any pre- proffesional schools or a really good school in southern california. i live in orange county.. and my moom dosent want to drive far. any help

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Can you list the schools in your area which are possible? That way we can try to look into them and make a suggestion.

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I dont have personal experiance in SoCal and I am not too sure about the geographics but I have heard good things about South Bay (Torrance, and a member of Regional Dance America), Westside (Santa Monica), and Pacifica (Irvine)

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If you live in Orange County, below are the ones that I have heard about, one of which my dd attends. But, you should have your mom check them out via their website or by calling them. (You can "google" them to get their contact info.)


Of those that interest you and your mom, you should attend a placement class to see how you like the school & teachers.


Anaheim Ballet, Anaheim

Ballet Pacifica, Irvine

Melissa Allen's new school somewhere near San Clemente?? (sorry don't have much info, but maybe someone else can post for this one)

Pacific Coast Academy of Dance, San Clemente

Southland Ballet, Fountain Valley


Good luck!

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all of them are too far :o my mom wont drive farther then ten minutes and (i live in los alamitos) , so irvine is way out of the question... i really wanted to go to ballet pacifica too. :thumbsup: i wanted to know what you know about long beach ballet reputation, ect. :D thanks

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Long Beach Ballet has a very good reputation also Academy of Dance in Santa Ana and Maria Lazaars classical ballet Academy is very good. :o

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Melissa Allen's new school is called the Danse Conservatory and it is located in San Juan Capistrano.


She and her husband, Richard Bowman, are wonderful instructors. They are both very dedicated to the ballet world and passing along their knowledge and training to their students. Maud Wachter just joined them this summer. She is outstanding, too, with a strong professional career and teaching credentials.


My daughter had the advantage of taking class from all three of them when they taught in Pittsburgh, PA. They are missed, to say the least!!!


Here is a link to the Danse Conservatory's website


The Danse Conservatory


Edited: Oops, didn't read through all of the posts before writing the above, therefore missed that pointe2perfection had already left this information.

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Anaheim Ballet School is great. Excellent teachers, high expectations, and company-connected.


Anaheim isn't that far from Los Alamitos, particularly if you're trying to make 4:30 class. I know you have to depend on your mom for driving, but unfortunately you're not going to find a prepro school within 10 minutes of your location. If she doesn't want to drive both ways, you might be able to take public transit TO dance and just have your mom pick you up. My daughter takes the bus to dance on days I have work. Someone always picks her up, just because I don't want her busing alone after dark.


Anaheim Ballet School

Phone is (714) 520-0904.

Location is 280 E Lincoln

Anaheim, CA 92805


Click here for Bus Schedules and Information


Interesting to note - Anaheim Ballet's SI usually starts the first week in August, which makes it a great choice for a second SI. The scheduling also works out well for kids who like to actually go on summer vacations - vacation with the family in June or July and attend the SI when you get back.


DD said many of the kids who attended "big name" SI's first - ABT, Joffrey, etc - said the home SI was actually more challenging. More classes per day, more individual attention. In the initial interview (before the first placement class) each dancer is asked what s/he would like to get out of the program, if there's a particular skill or technique s/he'd like to improve. DD has always been very happy with her improvement.


Tired and ready to sleep for two days straight, but happy. I say "sleep for *two* days" because she's ready for regular class the Monday after the program is done.


Even outside of the SI - you can always request a meeting to discuss specific goals or challenges. Of course this is true for new students as well.


Good luck!



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Update on new ballet school headed by former Ballet Pacifica school director Gillian Finley:


West Coast Dance Academy

25732 Taladro Circle

Mission Viejo (near Alicia Pkwy and Fabricante)

ph 949-829-5911


Levels 1-7 ballet classes offered


Faculty: Gillian Finley, Stela Viorica, Sheri Giller, Steven Inskeep, Shao-Pen Wang, Alaine Haubert, Francisco Gella (also listed Molly Lynch as "master faculty")


Noticed school also offers tap, jazz, lyrical, hip-hop and salsa taught by other faculty



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