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Long limbs

Guest Ennovy

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Guest Ennovy

I heard Balanchines' ideal body type of a dancer is to have everything long, long, long... and I do have very long limbs, but I think it makes it more difficult to dance with long limbs, like jumps,tendus..etc, and most of my friends say so ,too. So, is the only good thing about having long limbs is that you look good on stage? Does the length of limbs affect your dancing? :innocent:

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Look at it this way: You take up a lot more space when you're long through the arms and legs. Anything that affects your overall physique affects your dancing.

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Guest Rosefire

Personally, i think long limbs do look amazing on stage, but in the right choreography. if a dancer is doing something very fast witha lot of intricate footwork and has long legs, then it is a lot harder for her to do the movement than another dancer who has shorter legs.

last year, when i came back from the summer holidays, i got into class, and i could no longer do any pose turns very fast fast all. i knew my legs had grown a bit over the summer, but the difference a couple of centimeters made to the way i transferred my weight was strange. i had to learn how to do them again, and then pick up the speed, which was just as hard.

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Guest OnlyForMe

I have very long legs and I have no problem. I'm one of the best leapers in my studio, but I'm having trouble spinning because ALL I seem to be doing is growing, and my center is never the same. That is the one complaint I have about my growimg, is throwing my center off all the time. But yes, long limbs do look good on stage. I have no problem with my long limbs, but I've learned to controll them. The only thing I have to grasp is my center :rolleyes:



Hope this helps you :P



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Hello Anya, welcome to the Young Dancers' forum on Ballet Alert! Online :P


Long legs are good for ballet, and your center will return when you finish the growth spurt. :rolleyes:

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I too am one with very long legs. Grand allegro is great but petite allegro is a whole other story. Turns were hard for me as I grew early, right around the time when we started seriously working on turns so not only were they hard because they were fairly new but also because my center was changing at the same time. Now that I'm pretty much done growing I don't mind having long limbs as much as I used to, I figure my petite allegro will improve with time jsut as everything else will. My class is made up of almost all very tall, long-limbed dancers as well (not by selection, just by chance) and it has become a joke that even with a small class of usually no more than 6 in a fairly large studio, we still often have to do two groups for even the slightest traveling combinations and sometimes even at the barre for developes and the like.

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Guest prettyinpink

I too have very long limbs, and it has affected my dancing but I have learned to cope with it. I used to have very flailing arms, so I asked my teacher for help. If you ask your teacher for some advice on different ways to help out your dancing that is always good. Also people with long limbs can look very gorgeous on stage. Yes, we have to work a little harder to get off the ground when jumping but that makes it incredible for people watching. Good Luck! :wink:

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