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I need help please

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I am trying to find costumes for Mens Ballet. If anyone has any pics online I can find please submit the links, I want to find a wide selection I can pick so I can help my Teacher pick a costume for me to wear. The girls are wearing pink. If that is any help. I don't want to clash or look out of sync, but I do want to look marvalous, because I am the only guy in that whole studio.Well that I know of. Please help me out. I am only 5'6, 130 lbs, dancers body. I gave my body info so if it was neccessary.

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One very simple, nice look I have seen for the lone boy in a sea of girls is for the boy to wear his "usual" clothes (black tights, white t-shirt/leotard) and then a sash that matches the girls' leotards. This works well if the girls are wearing something simple, like a leotard and skirt.


If the girls are wearing something more elaborate, they probably are getting it from a costume catalog/store which should have some options for guys. Alternatively, if they costumes are being sewn by somebody, that somebody should be able to come up with something for you too. If the costumes the girls are wearing are more elaborate and you think black tights/white top would be too plain, you could wear a top in the same color.


A lot of dance schools receive dance costume catalogs that do not sell "retail" (to individuals), so I don't really know what's out there. Local shops might also have these catalogs.


Also--you might want to post your question in the Men's area with a more specific topic like "Costume ideas for school performance" (or whatever type of performance it is).

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I saw your other post and I think you will get some good ideas from the guys.


In the world of ballet, black and pink go with everything. Really.

I hear that white M Stevens milliskin tights can be dyed pretty easily, and they are a nice fabric. They are available in most catalogs.


Doesn't the costume catalog where the girls are getting their costumes have _anything_ for guys?

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Hello UTEOT!

How is your quest for a costume coming? When do you need this costume? I thought I was going to have a few sites to help you but I'm having trouble retracing my steps. I had been looking around the internet a lot just before I saw your post. I know I saw the same costume online recently that my son wore last year. But I can't find where I saw it again. The shirt had larger white flowy sleeves, the back is black, the front is mostly black velvet with a long v-shaped panel down the middle that is pink (a little darker than pastel), and it has black ribbon laced criss cross down the front of the panel. The costume has black ballet pants rather than tights but I'm sure it would look nice with either black or white tights. Not sure if this would go with the girls you will be dancing with or not. If it sounds like it would, I can try to find it in the costumes catalogs next time we go to the studio on Tuesday.

Also, I remember seeing one costume catalog in particular at the studio that had quite a few men's ballet costumes that matched the women's. I think it might have been Wolfe-Fording but not sure. I tried their web-site and they only show a couple of sample costumes. They don't do direct orders. Your teacher would have to order. But if you are still struggling with a costume, I can also check to see which company it was for sure that had more than usual for men.

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Remember, complements to colors are also good - pink is directly complemented by apple green. An apple-green waistcoat, combined with a white shirt with leg-o'mutton sleeves (puffy at the shoulder, fitted at the forearm - your aunt will know this cut of sleeve) and black or white tights and shoes would be fine.

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A compliment is a good choice! If the girls are in Pink, Go monocromatic. A dark rose would be nice with the white shirt that Mr. Johnson described. I've designed a lot of stuff like this!

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