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back on pointe?


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Well I did it. Showed up to class on monday as usual only this week our teacher was out of town. We were supposed to have a sub from James Sewell but he had forgotten and didn't show up. We were notified and given 2 free classes to make up for the mistake. In the meantime one of the girls from the Tuesday pointe class was there and suggested I try it again. I popped on the shoes and did some releves and whatnot at the barre. It didn't seem too bad. To make up for lack of class on Monday I attended the Intermediate Adult/Beg Pointe class on Tuesday. I spoke to the teacher before class and she suggested I give it a try and see how it went. I had done pointe from age 11 until about 18, danced modern in college, and then that was about it until now. Unfortunatly I arrived early to the Tuesday class to get ready, by the time the class started my feet already hurt. I lasted through the plies and tendus and had to take the shoes off. I haven't decided what I plan to do from here out, perhaps 10 minutes at the barre each class and work up to something more substantial. Luckily my technique is still there, my ankles and feet just get too sore and tired. Boy am I wishing I had my shoes fitted with toe pads now! 11 year old feet don't hurt nearly as much as 27 year old ones!


I was really surprised at the number of people in the pointe class. I am taking it to mean that Ballet Arts is one of the only places around that doesn't laugh when an adult wants to go en pointe. Quite a few of the women looked to be former dancers just starting back, with a few that looked new to the pointe world.


And I was very surprised at the difference between the usual beginning class and this intermediate class. Things went a lot faster which meant we got to do a few more things than usual. Overall it was a good learning experience. We'll see how I get along from now on! It's hard to put the pointe shoes away once you've put them back on!

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Pointe has been the hardest thing for me to get used to again. It's like tubing down a ski slope or being in a fast car. When I was a teenager it was fine, now I'm always afraid of getting hurt.


I found pirouettes to be the most difficut thing to be comfortable with, but the more pointe work I do, the more confident I feel. It really surprised me how difficult one-footed releves are with an extended leg. I always think I'm getting much stronger than I was as a teenager (because of better training now), but have found that pointe shoes really cut me down to size. :o


Just have to keep wearing them. It's so easy not to since pointe is optional now.

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I ended up wearing a pair of dead pointes last night to the beginning class. I had noticed how much my feet hurt in my regular pointes just standing there waiting for class to start. I figured atleast this way my foot would get used to being in a pointe shoe and since the beginning class is a bit slower paced than the intermediate class, I'd get a bit more resistance to work with if I wore the dead pointes. The teacher agreed and thought it'd help out a lot. It definatly did something, my legs are pretty weak today. I'll probably do another class tonight, maybe (maybe is the key word here) I'll do 10 minutes of pointe at barre, but we'll see. I'd really like to go to class 3 times a week but that means cutting out the kickboxing, which I haven't been overly motivated at lately anyways.

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