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I am the father of 2 dancers, obvious name choice!

Daughter 15 & Son 12.

Now living in the Princeton NJ area.

We are looking for SI that are the best buys any advise would be greatly


With 2 dancing (Son is on full scholorship @ year round school) the cost of SIs

are above our ability to pay.

If anyone is aware of schools that are fairly liberal with Financial Aid & are on the East Coast (driveable) I'd appreciate any information.

Thanks :rolleyes:

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Guest Giannina

Welcome to Ballet Alert! Online, dadof2dancers. I have moved your post to this forum so that it will get more exposure to the people who can offer you help. Good luck with both of your dancing offspring and the upcoming summer.



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Dadof2dancers, since you live in the Princeton area, I'm sure you know of Princeton Dance and Theatre. Do you know anything about their summer program? Your dancing kids could commute -- a big savings I'm sure! Also, Princeton Ballet School has an excellent reputation.

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Guest Vicarmac

Well one thing is tryout for all you are interested, not just ones you think will offer assistance. Keep in mind if your son is showing potential he may get more merit scholarship offers as a boy. So that could help right there, then others will let you apply for financial aid but not until after you get accepted. Some you will have to ask for the forms and procedures. How generous depends often on the endowments of that year so it varies. I know PNB lets you apply for aid but they will tell you much of the money was given out as merit already.

SFB has a deadline to apply for aid but they too also give out merit ones when sending acceptances. As to who is most generous that is hard to say and like I said can vary.

I know Pittsburgh says you can apply for aid and I've known a 12 year old boy to be offered a merit scholarship on the spot. Maybe SAB? Others can probably offer some more places on the East coast. Boston is expensive but they do offer some aid options.

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Guest Vicarmac

Okay I just saw on another thread you are familiar with Pittsburgh, and PNB.

Like I said, I was at an audition where a soon to be 12-year-old boy was immediately offered a scholarship so maybe since your daughter went there you could see if you could have that happen and then some other help besides.

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Guest unsoccer-mom

I would higly recommend that they audition for Walnut Hill School's Summer program. I am sure auditions are held at Princeton Ballet School as it is one of the few summer programs to hold their audtions at Walnut Hill as opposed to Boston Ballet. At there year-round program there are about 10 boys out of 50+ dancers and it is a very nuturing program. The Rock School in Philadelphia also seems to give scholarships to boys.

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To Don Ho

Thanks that is where they are now & we're very happy although all new schools have a "smoothing out" period.

We will likely consider this option: only down sides are the need to decide by Feb 15th & of course our daughter (especially) would like to go away for the summer, understandable.

Susan, Risa & Laurie are excellent dance teachers & have had terrific guest teachers for Master Classes.

They already have an impressive faculty for the SI see their web site:


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I was interested in taking a look at the Princeton intensive, but their web site states that they only dorm ages 14 and up. DD will be only 13, and we live a bit to far to commute. Too, bad....looked good and close to home.

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HI, Dadof2 - by driving I was not sure if you meant drive to drop off or drive each day each way. When my daughter was intially accepted to Boston S.I. two years ago, we asked for and submitted their financial aid scholarship application. The responding offer was quite generous, I thought. I suspect availability varies year by year - but you never know with any of these places unless you ask/try. Good luck! "syr"

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Thanks, I was speaking of driving to drop for 5 weeks not to commute.

Our son is perhaps too young (12) at this time to go away for 5 weeks but our daughter (15) is fine with it & I beleive it can be an experience that helps with overall maturity.

Last year she went to Pittsburgh & loved it but financially it was a bit steep, although not higher than others.

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Don Ho, If you want to know more about Princeton Dance and Theater's summer intensive you can find more on their website and get in touch. It sounds really great. Please feel free to PM me if I can be of any help. Dadof2dancers,I really know this would be a great place for your 2. Can you ask them about scholarships?

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