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Cheez, Loueez! That's not something we can answer via a message board! We'd have to have an eyes-on sample of your dancing, a detailed psychological profile on you, and several other inputs that we can't get via the mighty puter! You might be happy as a clam in a program with only two classes a day, or you might be, and as a matter of fact, I guarantee you would be, desperately homesick in US Marine boot camp! How about checking this forum that's been compiling since the end of last summer on another part of the board?



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possibly a shorter program or one closer to home. i see that you're in california... maybe try for ABT OC and SFB. there are also lots of smaller programs you could go to in california.

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Guest balletgeek

Hey, Thanks for your suggestions, I didn't get into ABT and I am waiting for SFB's letter. I have heard that Burklyn Ballet Theatre is a good first SI and its audition is next week. I have already been accepted to AAB and I am waiting for other letters. Could you please give me feed back about Burklyn Ballet Theatre and maybe compare it to AAB? (I am 13 years old and I have been on pointe for a year.)

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if you're comfortable being with being far away for a long time CPYB in Carlisle, PA is an excellent 5 week program. there's no audition, you send an application form and pictures. it fills up rather quickly though and if you want to get a spot i would send your stuff right away. I went there last year for my first SI away from home and I loved it. Sure I was a little homesick, but now i'm CPYB-sick: i miss CPYB more than i missed home when i was there! :rolleyes: . there are 25 levels so there is a perfect spot for everyone in that program. It is very intense, with 2 technique and 1 pointe class required each day and an optional technique class at night. Not only did i improve, i came home a completely different dancer (in a good way). CPYB is great. enough said.

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