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Could someone offer assistance please?

Guest DezertDreamin

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Guest DezertDreamin

I was wondering if anyone here knows where I might find a good resource, preferably online, which would show the proper way in which to perform some steps. My daughter, Gianna, is new to her studio, and the area, and is catching up to speed with the rest of the class. I am lost as lost B) as can be and would like to find some information that I can share with her that will help her. She needs to practice (please...forgive my spelling) pas de bouree's and balancee's for her Thursday night session. Can anyone help us? She is only 8 and has a great desire to dance, and I have a great :wink: love for my daughter and want to see her do her very best. B) I would appreciate any help anyone can provide....either here, or you may e-mail me at britishatheart74@aol.com! Thanking you in advance! Kym

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Hi, Kym, and welcome to the Moms and Dads forum here at Ballet Talk on Ballet Alert! Online! :wink:


Try this:




And for a book, Gail Grant's Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet is the best $5 you will ever spend. Talk about value for money! :D

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Guest DezertDreamin

Hello Mel....pleased to meet you! :thumbsup: THANK YOU so much for your help and AWESOME link to a wonderful site! That is exactly what I hoped was out there and just had been unable to locate on my own! :sweating: Thank goodness someone knows what they are doing! :D Gianna now feels much more confident and happy about her lesson tonight! I will also be looking into purchasing the book you reccommended! Thanks so much ~ Blessings, Kym :shrug:

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And, if you can afford it, there is a wonderful book called Classical Ballet Technique, by Gretchen Ward Warren! It's a big book, and considerably more expensive, but it has photos of everything as well as descriptions. Might be something for when she is a bit older though!

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The Gretchen Ward Warren book is THE book - the photographs themselves are worth a thousand words! At 8, she probably won't want to read it unless she's unusually precocious :sweating: - but it will help you to understand things, that is for sure. Why not go to your local book store and take some time to look through the books mentioned...then decide. I know the Borders and Barnes and Nobles usually have these books. Then, if you decide to buy them - come home and use the Amazon banner on Ballet Talk to order them! :thumbsup:



There's an old thread somewhere on the Moms and Dads forums about good books... I will see if I can dig it up. It's always worth having around...maybe it should be a sticky? :wink::shrug:



Here it is: Good books! :D

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Guest DezertDreamin

Thanks for even more wonderful tips on the resources available. I have to admit I did laugh out loud :lol: when it was mentioned that she wouldn't want to read some of them unless she was "unusually precocious"..... well, it is quite possible that Webster's could use her picture beside the word precocious in the dictionary!!! :innocent: She is a handful and a half and at the times that I am the most exasperated with her, I have to step back, laugh a bit and admire the person that she is! :sweating: She did wonderfully this evening in her class and was quite proud that she was able to demonstrate what she had learned...with confidence. Although I have only just begun to explore these boards and the wealth of information contained here....you all helped me find my footing and help my little one shine tonight! I appreciate it more than you can imagine! :thumbsup: Thank you......from my heart, Kym :shrug:

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And there is also The Classic Ballet, with an introductory essay by Lincoln Kirstein, illustrations of incredibly impossible technical perfection by Carlus Dyer, and technical text by Muriel Stuart, who was my teacher's teacher and later, my teacher. Also something available through Amazon via the banner at the top of the page.


One of the great things about Ballet Talk is the level of insight, experience and useful information from everybody from the Teens to the Administrators, and a willingness of everybody to share. It's a pleasure and a privilege to work with such an aggregation of talent! :innocent:

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Hello DezertDreamin,

Sounds like you just moved to a new area? Don't forget to check out your local library if you haven't already. I'm usually surprised to find specific books, video, and audio when I'm not even looking for it at the moment and then think, "now why didn't I think to look here first when the book store didn't have it?" It's nice to be able to take a real close look before buying, especially if the book store would have had to order it. It has helped us decide which books to buy when we've had to narrow down our choices. We've found many interesting videos not typically found in the video store at the library too. They seem to have more of the educational, edutainment, and instructional videos.


Good luck to your daughter adjusting to so many new things in her life. Change at that age can be very tough. I have a 7.5yo son in several dance disciplines. Dance has also helped to teach him that anything can change, even at the last minute, and how to go with the flow better than he used to be able to.

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You may also want to check out this site. Finis is a great teacher in NYC and has some really good things to say on technique and how to get the most out of classes


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