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Need help with big decision!


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I know I have posted a lot of questions similar to this and I'm so sorry for being so worried about everything, but I can't help it :shrug: I hope you don't mind too much!


Okay, I'm 18 years old and this spring I'm auditioning for three dance schools in London (London Studio Centre, London Contemporary Dance School and Rambert School). The problem is that they are very expensive, and my family can't afford it, at least not without getting enormous debts. The alternative would be that I wait with the auditions for a year and during that year work and make some money so I can go. But then I will be 19 years old. Will that be a problem? Will I be too old to pursue a career in professional dance? (I know it would be too late for a ballet career, but I'm more in to modern/contemporary dance, and I want to dance in a modern company like for example Rambert Dance Company). Dancing is the most important thing in my life and all this trouble makes me so depressed. :D Please help!



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A year of extra study, while earning some money, should be fine, especially for contemporary dance. As long as you can find work that will allow you to still get all the training you need, that would be good. The other thing to do would be to audition anyway, and apply for scholarship or financial aid. You never know, and it could work out for you. :D

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