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Problems Accessing BalletTalk Directly

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This may be a problem caused by the transition, but I wanted to let the moderators know that I have been having difficulty accessing BalletTalk through www.ballettalk.com; rather, I have had to go through Yahoo, type in "Ballet Talk," and enter through a link.

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Hart, what problem did you have when you got to www.balletalert.com?


I haven't had a problem, and so I'd like to know what problems others are having. On the front page of www.balletalert.com there's a link to Ballet Talk that should take you to a page where there are the links to the two forums.


Two things I could think of -- we moved servers, and your IPS' DNS nameserver may not yet be updated, although the move took place Thursday and went through very quickly on mine. OR you might have to click Refresh, because the front page has been changed slightly (only to modify that link) but if the old page is stuck in your browser, you won't get to the right Ballet Talk page.



Also, for those who participated in the General Discussion, Ballet Companies or Subtext and Context Boards, the url to that forum is:



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When I type in www.ballettalk.com, I can get to the first page, but when I go to get into the forum, the white internet error message comes up stating that the page cannot be found. I pushed the refrest button, to no avail.

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